Thursday 04 June 2020 - 12:13:49 am

Department of Health's COVID-19 website powered by Saal answers 1m queries

ABU DHABI, 8th April 2020 -- The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, has launched new features for its website for COVID-19 to comprehensively showcase the real-time COVID-19 outbreak for the public.

Developed in collaboration with the UAE-based applied artificial intelligence company, Saal, the platform saw over 1 million sessions since its launch on 11th of March 2020, with more than 30,000 daily active visitors, said a press release issued by the DoH on Wednesday.

Available in English and Arabic, users can visit the website ( to view the rising confirmed number of cases from 22nd January up to date worldwide through an interactive map, table, and chart. Users can filter and view data for each of these categories: total confirmed number of cases, active cases, number of deaths, and recoveries.

The new features also enable users to filter results and view the rate of confirmed cases for each country separately, or only within the GCC, or internationally, while seeing historical and real-time data to have a complete overview of the global and national impact by the COVID-19.

Since its launch, the website has featured a bilingual Smart Advisor (chatbot) that answers user queries in English and Arabic, the first assistant of its kind worldwide to support Arabic-speaking users in clearing their doubts about COVID-19.

While most visitors to the website are from the UAE, thousands of other visitors are based in India, Saudi Arabia, United States, Oman, United Kingdom, Philippines, Pakistan, Germany, and Egypt, in this order.

The DOH’s coronavirus website joins relevant communication means within one dashboard, including official news, videos, myths, and visual guides.

Healthcare professionals can register on the website to volunteer or work in efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus as part of the new digital platform, the Abu Dhabi Health Workforce Management System. They can also download relevant documents, including the latest circulars.

Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi, Acting Undersecretary of DOH commented, "The UAE ranks as one of the top countries worldwide for the number of COVID-19 tests carried out, which showcases the country’s preparedness in handling the current situation.

"In alignment with our efforts at the DoH to ensure we are providing the community with easy access to comprehensive medical care and health services while dedicating efforts to promoting their health, we are updating this platform to keep the public informed with the latest developments and data around the virus from an official and verified source," he explained.

"We aim to empower the public to join in halting the spread and containment of COVID-19,"Al Kaabi added.

Vikraman Poduval, CEO of Saal, said, "We originally developed the healthcare advisory platform to capture the developments across the globe on any specific health challenge in real-time and empower relevant healthcare regulators to quickly establish a technology interface, communicate with their target audience, and prepare for emergency responses."

He added, "The website developed in collaboration with the DoH offers the general public with a user-friendly dashboard and trusted source to gather beneficial information and track the outbreak in real-time, and avoid misconceptions from unofficial sources."

WAM/Binsal AbdulKader