Saturday 16 October 2021 - 3:35:09 am

Emicool becomes active member of Association of District Cooling Operators; supports efficient district cooling

  • "إيميكول" تنضم إلى أول جمعية لمشغلي تبريد المناطق لدعم كفاءة القطاع
  • "إيميكول" تنضم إلى أول جمعية لمشغلي تبريد المناطق لدعم كفاءة القطاع

DUBAI,13th, October 2020 (WAM) -- Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has announced becoming an active member of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy’s first Association of District Cooling Operators, extending full support in raising the efficiency of district cooling plants to improve water and electricity consumption in the emirate of Dubai.

Dr. Adib Moubadder, CEO, Emicool, said, "Aligning with the government’s strategic objectives, Emicool’s smart solutions and technologically advanced equipment’s will continue to collectively contribute towards facilitating a sustainable process both at the operational and the service level."

He added that Emicool has extended full support by nominating Nasser Bin Jarsh, Emicool’s Chief Commercial Officer, to support the mission of the DC Association, in line with the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) 2030 & 2050.

Emicool, a leading district cooling service provider in the region, continues to play a major role in contributing towards making a positive impact on climate change. Operation of the ground-mounted grid-connected PV solar system providing hybrid solar power to plants, located at Emicool’ s facility in DIP 1 and 2 is part of the Company’s approach towards enabling cost control benefits through PV installations, enhancing competitiveness and strengthening green commitment.

The Company’s advanced electric vehicle fleet is another green initiative promoting sustainable operations, reducing CO2 emissions by 135.5 tonnes annually.

WAM/Hassan Bashir/MOHD AAMIR