Monday 06 february 2023 - 5:38:48 pm

Global Media Congress essential to shape future of media: President of Croatian News Agency’s Board of Governers

By Khoder Nashar-Hatem Hussein

ABU DHABI, 16th November, 2022 (WAM) -- The media sector has a doubled responsibility to utilise its resources to raise the public’s awareness by promoting pilot projects of media practitioners to develop media and sculpt its future to serve the benefit of all, the President of the Croatian News Agency’s Board of Governors said.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency (WAM) at the Global Media Congress (GMC), Majda Tafra-Vlahovic hailed forums such as GMC as conducive to facilitating the meeting of global media figures under one roof, bypassing virtual borders to discuss the current state of media and its future.

“We must be in control of the virtual medium and not let it control us, so we really have to meet in-person to discuss and exchange views because we are in charge. The moment technology takes charge of us, we are doomed. So, being here today in the Global Media Congress is a step in the right direction, and I complement the organisers for their efforts.”

Tafra-Vlahovic, who participated in a panel discussion titled “Media for good: Sustainable Development Goals”, stated, “The role of activists, environmentalists, and civil society, as well as governments, is necessary in the media. Without them, we’re unable to do anything. The media sector has a doubled responsibility to utilise its resources to raise the public’s awareness by sensitising pilot projects of media practitioners to constantly improve and develop media to shape its future. This is, in my opinion, the catalyst to transition into ‘good media’ that drives sustainable development goals”.

Asked about Media’s role in tackling disinformation in the digital age, the President of HINA Board of Governors, explained, “I don't think that people who work in media are fully aware of the power they have. This power is an opportunity as much as it is a challenge, and media practitioners have a great responsibility towards fact-checking and combating disinformation. This power should be utilised to inspire a movement of corrective ethics and awareness.”

Shedding light on the topic of tolerance and changing misguided views spread through media, Tafra-Vlahovic simply said that “We should do it one step at a time".

“Naturally, biases and prejudices are always present, but our responsibility as a global society is to be united. I’ve visited the Muslim Council of Elders’ stand at GMC and had a lovely chat with its members about unity, tolerance and continued cooperation.”

“Let's light one candle rather than curse the darkness. Let's do what we can step by step,” she said in conclusion.

Esraa Esmail/ Khoder Nashar