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Ministry of Culture Launches First Issue of Creative Magazine for School Students
2009-11-10 17:07:36
WAM Dubai, 10th Nov. 2009 (WAM) -- As part of the strategic relationship between both Ministries of Culture, Youth '&' Community Development and Education and the support of Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the Ministry of Culture organized a press conference on the occasion of launching the first issue of Mobdea "Creative" magazine addressed for children between 12-15 years old.

Representing a national cultural education project and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the press conference was attended by His Excellency Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Culture, Youth '&' Community, and His Excellency Humaid Al Qattami, Minister of Education, and leaders from both ministries.

Al Owais emphasized that the strategic goal of issuing "Mobdea Magazine" is to acknowledge the support of the ministry to the society members especially children who represent the majority of UAE society. He added that disseminating cultural and creative thought among the young generations is the best tool for encouraging them for writing and composing as well as enhancing their national identity and the visions of the UAE's wise leadership. He also gave examples of young talented emirati figures for their creativity and talents in different fields.

He said children would be involved in editing the magazine that would be issued on bi-annual basis to be developed into a weekly magazine based on the publishing suitable conditions. Arabic language will be the main language of the magazine for the purpose of maintaining and preserving the beauty of the language.

In a question about the reason for selecting the word Mobdea or "creative" for the magazine, Al Owais assured that this goes back to encouraging young talented generations being the creative generation of the future; hence the magazine sponsors all cultural, artistic and criticism talents. He also lauded the efforts of the magazine's team members and their artistic touches.

The magazine's team were keen on producing the magazine in an attractive and charming layout and concentrating on the cultural and societal needs and goals.

He said: "In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, this second mobdea memorandum is addressed to children between 7-11 years old and emphasizes the cooperation between the two ministries in investing young talented students and take their social, human and national roles in serving their country, national identity and belongingness. The magazine also encourages students to be creative and participate in cultural and artistic events and at the same time acknowledge them with the successful experiences of UAE writers, artists and scientists. The memorandum of cooperation between the two ministries aims for developing cultural and scientific relationships between students, parents, teachers and the members of the society".

Al Owais indicated that the mobdea memorandum is an educational and behavioural represented by two inspired cartoon characters "Hamad and Meera" from the UAE's culture who will convey social and national values to children about the UAE's culture and heritage. Around 150,000 copies from the memo will be distributed to government and private schools reassuring that students will have the chance to register their remarks and notes at the back side and will contain useful diversified cultural, scientific and historical information for parents, teachers and members of the society. It will also contain a general knowledge competition for students about the geography, history, culture and leaders of the UAE hence winners will be announced at the end of the school year.

Meanwhile, Al Qattami lauded the cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development which proves the common strategic goals of the federal government and aims for unifying the efforts of the two ministries in achieving societal, cultural and educational development.

He explained that the idea of the mobdea memorandum was addressed for grades 3,4 and 5 students and enhances relationship between students, their schools and homes. It also encourages students to invest their times in achieving useful school results and enrich their cultural and social cultural background information. The mobdea magazine deepens students' national patriotism and their national identity and loyalty to the sayings and accomplishments of UAE wise leaders.

Al Qattami thanked the Ministry of Culture for its efforts in reflecting the positive images of UAE's society, referring to the plans of the Ministry of Education with the national day celebrations higher committee that is chaired by His Excellency Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamed Al Owais, in conveying a bright image of the UAE's society through organizing celebrations at schools one week ahead and after the national day itself.

"Our purpose is to enhance the national identity feelings towards their country and support the role of the national day higher committee. Mobdea magazine is the best proof of our encouragement to supporting gifted and talented students. We would also like to thank the higher committee for the magazine's excellent layout and selected topics especially the overview of the emirates history, leaders and development. The Ministry of Culture is used to present such great efforts and our ministry is ready to support the role of emirati's since they represent the cornerstone of the nation", his Excellency added.

In addition, Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanem, Director General of TRA, said: "Sponsoring Mobdea magazine comes from our strong belief in supporting the society members especially children between ages. Salem's character was inspired from the UAE's society and symbolizes cleverness and intelligence; thus he will also pass awareness terms about information security with a smooth style especially addressed to students between these ages".

Al Ghanem thanked the Ministry of Culture for its cooperating and looked for more communication in other projects and initiatives reassuring that the authority and both ministries have common goals in serving the societal, cultural and educational needs.

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