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Gargash stresses importance of participation of all electoral colleges on polling day
2011-09-08 20:56:26
WAM Abu Dhabi, Sept. 08th, 2011 (WAM)--Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, State Minister for Federal National Council (FNC), called on the electoral colleges to show up on the polling day, Aug. 24, to elect candidates to the membership of the FNC, which will begin its new legislative term in October.

The remark was made in the gathering held yesterday by the UAE Writers Union and chaired by Poet Habib Al- Sayegh, President of the Union. The event was attended by a number of candidates and media-persons.

"There is no historic cumulative for the electoral process in the UAE to assess a number of voters who will turn up", Gargash said, indicating that the most important measure of the success of this midterm elections, which will be held for the second time in five years, is the percentage of participation of the electoral colleges' members, whose number is about 130, 000 voters.

He stressed that the responsibility is on the media and competent institutions, as well as, candidates to work diligently to bring the members of the electoral colleges to the polling stations.

Gargash urged citizens to back the programme of the UAE President for broadening the political participation and woman empowerment and indulge in positive social, cultural and political activities through the membership of FNC.

He brushed aside some criticisms that the elections does not match the rapid progress in infrastructure in terms of volume and quality, describing them as inaccurate. "The UAE has strong will for political development, but gradually and cautiously as any experience has its own historic context".

Gargash referred to the constitutional amendments and expansion of powers of the FNC, indicating that there was increment in a number of electoral colleges from about 7, 000 votes in 2006 to over 130, 000 this year.