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Leading US Specialists to Share Latest Best Practice in Pediatric Care at Arab Health
2012-01-22 21:40:48
WAM Abu Dhabi, 22nd Jan. 2012 (WAM): Key leaders from Children's National Medical Center and its Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, both located on the Sheikh Zayed Campus for Advanced Children's Medicine in Washington, D.C, will be coming to the UAE to participate in the Arab Health exhibition and congress. Arab Health is taking place from January 23-26 at the Dubai International Convention '&' Exhibition Centre.

The �Leaders in Healthcare' conference - taking place under the Arab Health Congress - will focus on the complimentary relationship between healthcare trends and the patient experience, and measuring progress from a cross cultural perspective. Dr. Kurt Newman, CEO and President, Children's National Medical Center, will be one of the speakers at this conference. Dr. Newman will share how Children's National is experiencing the positive impacts of focusing four integrated initiatives: quality, safety, service excellence/customer service, and access to care, around one central theme: doing what's best for the children and families cared for by the hospital. The US-based institution has implemented this approach across the entire hospital, which has reflected positively on the bottom line. This in turn allows more money to be reinvested back into the hospital and its services to improve the experiences of patients, their families, and hospital employees.

Dr. Newman said: "The UAE has proven to be a vital hub for knowledge sharing in the field of health care. Arab Health presents a great opportunity for both Children's National and its Sheikh Zayed Institute to join our global colleagues in the discussion of how to re-imagine that field. We hope to use this forum to make creative connections that will build innovative, unconventional, and globally applicable ways of designing and delivering better health care to all people, no matter where they live." Two other senior delegates from the Children's National Medical Center will participate in key discussions at the Pediatrics Conference which will cover issues such as such as infectious disease, developmental behavior, neonatology, fetal research, oncology, and emergency medicine.

Dr. Peter Kim, Vice President of The Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation and Associate Surgeon-in-Chief, Children's National Medical Center, will highlight the importance of integrating research and education into the design of a health care system to improve clinical treatment and patient care in a sustainable way. He will offer examples of successful translational research models, including one already under way at the Sheikh Zayed Institute. He will present recommendations on how governments of the Gulf/MENA region could create an entire health care ecosystem.

The conference will also see a discussion on the latest developments in the use of technological innovation in genetics for pediatric healthcare. Dr. Marshall Summar, Chief of the Division of Genetics and Metabolism and Director of the Clinical Research Center at Children's National Medical Center, will shed light on these innovative developments citing specific examples from his team's work on genetic testing and diagnosis in children. He will discuss how the development of new technologies in biochemistry, DNA microarrays, and genetic sequencing have greatly expanded the diagnostic reach and scope of genetics beyond classic rare diseases. Dr. Summar will also discuss how these technologies can result in pre-symptomatic diagnosis, better targeting of therapy, and health improvement.

Children's National and the Sheikh Zayed Institute work side by side with clinical and policy leaders from academic medical centers, corporations, and nonprofit organizations to translate research into areas of care that have a global impact. The Institute and Children's National have partnered with the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) to develop programs that might address shared, global health concerns for other regions of the world, in medical topics that Children's National has experience addressing within the communities of Washington, DC. These include pediatric asthma, congenital heart disease, obesity, developmental disabilities, and diabetes. In the past year alone, Children's National faculty members have traveled to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Germany, Canada, and many other countries to collaborate with local doctors in the treatment of children and exchange best practices and new ideas on shared global health priorities, including obesity and diabetes.

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