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Group 42's Artemis ranked 26th on list of world’s top 100 supercomputers

ABU DHABI, 19th November, 2019 (WAM) -- Group 42, the Abu Dhabi-based Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing company, has announced that its Artemis supercomputer was ranked 26th on the list of world’s top 100 supercomputers as published on November 18, 2019.

This is the first time a UAE-based organisation is making it to the TOP100 supercomputers list, a testimony to the increasingly important standing of the UAE in the global technology community.

The UAE ecosystem of industry and research communities will benefit from the availability of the Artemis supercomputer-based AI platform. G42 partnered with NVIDIA to deploy the first phase of this supercomputer, which delivers a total of 7.2 petaflops of double-precision HPL performance.

Peng Xiao, Group CEO of G42, said: "As a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we are proud to launch the Artemis supercomputer and AI platform to empower researchers and organisations to accelerate innovation and solve real-world problems. This unprecedented capability is the result of our commitment to deliver the region’s most advanced and trusted cloud infrastructure."

"The rapid growth of AI, and the massive compute required to realize its full potential, make data center acceleration a must-have," said Paresh Kharya, Director of Product Management, Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA.

"Systems like Artemis, which leverage NVIDIA data center GPUs to bring multiple petaFLOPS of computational power to the UAE, will enable cutting-edge scientific simulation and AI applications."

G42, which recently supported the launch of the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and also announced the establishment of a joint venture with ADNOC to create AI-enabled solutions for the oil and gas industry, will continue to rapidly expand its supercomputing capability in support of a world-leading cloud ecosystem.

G42, is a leading Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing company based in Abu Dhabi, uniquely positioned in the national ecosystem to develop and deploy holistic and scalable AI solutions.

It is founded on three core components: 1) fundamental and applied AI Research through its subsidiary the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence; 2) a leading Cloud Computing Platform capable of powering the largest and most demanding customers in the region; 3) high-impact AI solutions optimised for a wide range of industries.

G42’s strategic direction is aligned with the vision and priorities of the UAE leadership, covering such sectors as: Smart City, Healthcare, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Education, Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism.

G42 has an active and extensive partnership network, connecting leading international organizations who complement its ecosystem and support its vision.


WAM/Hatem Mohamed