Ajman reveals COVID-19 precautionary guidelines for hotels

Ajman reveals COVID-19 precautionary guidelines for hotels

AJMAN, 17th May, 2020 (WAM) -- The Ajman Tourism Development Department, ATDD, has revealed the precautionary guidelines enforced by hotels in the emirate to protect visitors and employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, ATDD said the guidelines will ensure the highest safety measures to protect guests, visitors and hospitality workers.

The 13-page guideline includes the restriction of occupancy to no more than 30 percent of hotel capacity, including in restaurants, bars and cafes.

Under the guidelines, temperature checks are mandatory for all those entering an establishment. Hotels must also allocate different doors for entry and exit, place visible social distancing floor markings, install hand sanitiser dispensing units, provide enough masks and gloves for both guests and employees, and allocate isolation rooms in the case of any suspected or confirmed cases.

Furthermore, the measures require that all hotels train their staff on how to handle suspected COVID-19-related situations.

The guideline also forbids the use of re-usable items such as leaflets, magazines, newspapers, and cups etc.

"We are keen to maintain the highest health and safety measures to protect guests and visitors of Ajman. We are working closely with our partners in the hospitality and health sectors to overcome any difficulties during these challenging times, and will continue to promote Ajman as a leading tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates," Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, ATDD Director-General, said.

Renowned for its heritage sites, captivating natural reserves and rich culture, Ajman is preparing to reopen key tourist destinations in the coming months.