Tuesday 22 September 2020 - 6:30:59 am

Dubai Police introduces 'Global Police Indicators' platform to International Liaisons Officers

  • شرطة دبي تطلع ضباط الارتباط على منصة "المؤشرات الشرطية العالمية"
  • شرطة دبي تطلع ضباط الارتباط على منصة "المؤشرات الشرطية العالمية"

DUBAI, 26th August, 2020 (WAM) -- The Dubai Police, represented by the General Department of Excellence and Pioneering, has recently begun introducing the "Global Police Indicators" platform www.policeindicators.org to international liaisons officers from all over the world.

The platform aims at making an accurate comparison of performances and sharing experiences and best practices between police agencies, as well as publishing "Global Policing Competitiveness Report", a first of its kind, which will be launched at the World Police Summit in 2022 in Dubai.

During the introductory meeting, which was held at the Officers Club in Al Garhoud, international liaisons officers and security representatives were briefed on the participatory mechanisms in this platform.

According to Brigadier Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al Mualla, Director of Excellence and Pioneering at Dubai Police, the meeting was organised to communicate well with the international police agencies through their representatives and showcase the benefits of the platform in foreseeing the future of security and improving and achieving global security.

"We hope this platform will offer police forces, law enforcement bodies, police executives and other interested parties, a deeper insight onto a set of core business KPIs related to police performance and benchmarking police best practices.

"After all, what gets measured, gets done. And we believe that continuous measuring and monitoring of police performance is essential for keeping a focus on all that matters for the sake of the world’s safety and security," Brigadier Al Mualla said.

The policeindicators.org platform is a one-stop hub for collaborative police KPIs (crowdsourced from police forces) that is available and accessible to all police forces globally so they can explore and empower performance and share best practices.

Dubai Police unveiled the platform during last year’s edition of the force’s famous International Symposium for Police Best Practices that brought together speakers representing international police organisations and law enforcement agencies including the INTERPOL, Europol, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, IACP.

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