Tuesday 20 October 2020 - 7:15:45 am

Eltezam Environmental Campaign 2020 showcases success stories of industrial facilities in environmental compliance

  • "بيئة أبوظبي" تطلق حملة " التزام البيئية 2020"
  • "بيئة أبوظبي" تطلق حملة " التزام البيئية 2020"

ABU DHABI, 24th September, 2020 (WAM) -- The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, EAD, hosted the ‘Eltezam Environmental Campaign 2020’ during a virtual event that focused on the success stories of multiple industrial facilities achieving environmental compliance.

The compliance was achieved through cooperation and adherence to the environmental inspectors' guidelines and the use of innovative and creative methods in preserving the environment.

The virtual event hosted over 200 facility representatives from various industrial sectors in Abu Dhabi Emirate under the theme of ‘Eltezam Environmental Campaign 2020 - Success Stories.’ The presenters from the industrial facilities demonstrated their efforts to implement the best management practices, operational controls, and innovative solutions in reducing energy consumption. This is in addition to presenting their ideas for minimising waste, using raw materials more efficiently, preventing pollution and much more to ensure that they were protecting the environment, in compliance with EAD environmental requirements.

Eng. Shaikha Ahmed Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Environment Quality Sector, said: "In previous years, the four cycle ‘Eltezam Environmental Campaign’ shed light on specific industrial sectors, with the aim of raising environmental awareness and improving the level of commitment. This was done through the principle of partnership and cooperation with the private sector. We at EAD, would guide them regarding the best sustainable environmental solutions, technologies and practices in their specific industries to improve environmental performance, reduce the impacts on the environment and preserve human health.'' She said that EAD is proud to highlight the success stories and positive effects of the previous ‘Eltezam Environmental Campaign’ on the various organisations belonging to different industrial sectors.

She added: "The EAD is honoured to highlight how the different facilities achieved environmental compliance in cooperation with the inspection team at EAD which led to raising the level of environmental compliance in 2020 to 91 percent. This proves the commitment of these organisations and their increased awareness of the importance of adhering to environmental standards and legislation to preserve the environment.

"EAD, in cooperation with its partners and concerned authorities, seeks to create a competitive environment among private sector facilities to enhance awareness of environmental excellence and recognise the efforts of any facility that have cooperated with us. This is with the aim of encouraging organisations to go beyond environmental compliance as part of fostering a positive culture of good business sense helping them achieve long-term success."

She also affirmed: "We would like to see in the future more success stories, and EAD is ready to support our regulated community through the EAD compliance assistance programme."

Eltezam is the Arabic word for ‘compliance’ and the goals of the 2020 campaign included: enforcing the strong partnership between EAD and the wider industrial sector; increasing awareness of environmental requirements in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and identifying international best practices for minimising environmental impacts of industrial operations.

The campaign is also geared towards creating a culture of competitiveness that will eventually promote the implementation of innovative and practical solutions for environmental challenges at industrial facilities.

EAD aims to develop and encourage the spirit of excellence, creativity and initiatives in various industrial sectors and to improve and upgrade the reputation of the facilities operating in the Emirate, which will have a positive impact on the UAE in general.

Eng. Ahmed Al-Waheebi, Unit Head - Environmental Compliance and Audit at Environment Quality Sector, said: The ‘Eltezam Environmental Campaign’ has achieved success during the previous four cycles, in raising awareness and environmental commitment of several establishments. The targeted sectors include the ready-mixed sector, the fiberglass sector, metal coating sector and hotmix asphalt sector. It is noteworthy that since its launch, the ‘Eltezam Environmental Campaign’ has contributed to increasing environmental awareness among the targeted industrial sectors. The percentage of establishments and companies adhering to the requirements of the Agency, legislation and environmental regulations has also increased.

Al-Waheebi added: "The results seen from the first phase which began in October 2013, targeted the ready-mixed sector. This campaign included 130 establishments which specialised in this field, and the compliance percentage of establishments monitored during the initial inspections increased by 64 per cent within one month. Enforcement measures have been taken against violating facilities for non-compliance with licensing conditions and environmental laws, as per the comprehensive environmental compliance and enforcement system."

EAD has also been keen to monitor environmental compliance since the beginning of this year in light of the emerging COVID-19 crisis.

EAD inspectors conduct daily patrols in industrial and commercial areas and the sites of development projects as part of environmental compliance and enforcement activities. The Agency responds to complaints and observations received from the public.

A remote inspection system was also implemented to monitor environmental compliance and provide support to avoid environmental violations of facilities and development projects. In total, 338 assessments of the environmental compliance of facilities and projects were completed remotely during the first half of this year.

The data showed a significant decrease of 84 percent in the number of environmental violations, as the number of violations reached 556, in comparison to the same period in 2019, when the number of violations reached 3,475.

There was also an increased commitment of industrial establishments and development projects to the precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19.

WAM/Tariq alfaham