Al Ain Zoo continues achievement in Elephant Safari and Reptile House

Al Ain Zoo continues achievement in Elephant Safari and Reptile House

AL AIN, 24th September, 2020 (WAM) -- Ghanim Mubarak Al Hajeri, Director-General of the Zoo and Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain, stated that great efforts had been made by work teams despite the unprecedented situation locally and internationally as a result of COVID-19, highlighting their role in improving the level of services and experiences provided by the zoo to its visitors.

His comments came during a field tour to check the latest stages of development for the Elephants Safari and the Reptile Park projects.

During the visit, he said, "We have gone a long way achieving great success in implementing our plans, thanks to the support offered by Abu Dhabi Government to the development and facilitation of cultural and touristic projects across all the emirate. With its ongoing work to advance growth and development in this sector solidifies Abu Dhabi as a leading destination in the region and around the world."

He thanked Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, for its commitment to success in following the best industry practices and managing and operating Al Ain Zoo projects to the advancement and conservation of wildlife, and highlighting the zoo’s position as a leading tourist, cultural, and educational destination in the UAE and internationally.

Al Ain Zoo has completed 89 percent on the Elephant Safari project, set on an area of 23.77 hectares. It offers visitors a glimpse into the amazing African wildlife with all its natural elements. The project includes educational facilities, food and beverage outlets, public services, and seating areas, as well as an eight-metre watchtower that allows visitors to experience the wildlife from a bird’s eye view perspective, in addition to a theatre and secured walkways and paths for the visitors, as well as feeding areas and lakes for the elephants, and many more.

Work on the Reptile Park project has reached 87 percent completion rate. Set in an amazing enclosure inspired by a tortoiseshell, that is built on an area of 11,533 square metres, the Reptile Park offers visitors an unrivalled opportunity to see the most diverse collection of reptiles internationally, with a total of 600 animals belonging to 80 species, as well as various experiences and indoor and outdoor exhibits, featuring seven distinct zones, which include Asian adventure, Amazing Amazon, African Odyssey, Islands in Danger, Rainforest Panorama, World deserts, and Secret Arabia, in addition to the Oasis entry court, Tortoise play park, and Garden of Ancient life that features skeletons of dinosaurs in a sandy desert atmosphere, Desert monitor exhibit, Secretarial bird aviary, Tortoise and Reptile exhibit, and Komodo dragon exhibit.