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Dubai Municipality promotes technical development system at GITEX 2020

DUBAI, 5th December, 2020 (WAM) -- Dubai Municipality is participating in GITEX 2020, which will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 6th to 10th December.

The municipality’s participation shows its keenness to enhance the system of technical development and display the most prominent smart innovations and digital solutions that contribute to providing the municipality’s services according to the highest global standards.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, said, "In Dubai Municipality, we are keen to embody the wise leadership’s directions towards harnessing smart and modern technologies to improve various services and provide them in an ideal manner to the members of society."

The projects presented by Dubai Municipality through its stand at the exhibition include the "Dubai Here" system, which is an electronic system that works on the Internet browser or portable smart devices and includes 2D and 3D maps that contain all assets, landmarks, infrastructure facilities, buildings, service units and networks, information on economic activities as well as environmental, health and population information.

The system displays the maps from the comprehensive geospatial database that all parties contribute to feeding and updating them with maps and information related to them.

The municipality is also showcasing the "Dubai Horizons" project, which plans the routes and locations of airports and helipads for drones in line with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040. It also contributes to maintaining the security and safety of air navigation in the emirate, organising the operation of drones and achieving optimal use of them.

The municipality platform at the exhibition also displays smart devices for monitoring the quality of wastewater. It examines the percentage of pollutants in the wastewater in the main pumping stations and sends the results via the Internet daily at the required times, tracks the sources of pollutants and takes the necessary measures at maximum speed.

There will also be a modelling and simulation system in wastewater treatment plants, which is based on simulating the treatment process currently present in the Jebel Ali and Al Aweer plants. The model simulates the treatment process based on the data and produces results showing the impact of any change in water quality and operating factors.

The projects also include the central monitoring and control system for sewage stations, which is based on connecting sewage pumping stations and main treatment plants to a central monitoring system located in the main control room in Jebel Ali.

The municipality displays smart environmental scanning vehicles, which are used in environmental inspection. The vehicles contain solar panels and sensors that monitor the air pollutants that cause odours, noise levels, electromagnetic radiation, and weather factors in real-time. They are also equipped with smart panels to review the captured data in real-time.

The municipality platform also exhibits the import and re-export platform in Dubai using emerging technology, which is an integrated smart system for controlling imported and exported food. It includes a set of systems developed using artificial intelligence, AI, and the foundations for providing smart review services for transactions without human intervention.

The platform also provides many features for employees and customers to facilitate and expedite procedures such as halal foods and organic foods, in addition to blockchain features aimed at enriching the food field with the most prominent services and facilities needed.

WAM/Tariq alfaham