Sunday 28 february 2021 - 5:28:31 am

RTA holds open day to boost vendor relations, services

DUBAI, 13th January, 2021 (WAM) -- Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced it opened a virtual Open Day for vendors to ensure effective communication with this important business segment.

The event aimed to screen the needs of clients in line with the vision of Dubai Government to facilitate the delivery of government services for the business sector in Dubai.

"The Contracts and Procurement Department is keen on holding these vendor gatherings each year as they contribute effectively to making extra achievements which can only be made through concerted efforts of all parties. They offer a chance to listen to a host of diverse views, proposals and challenges facing vendors, a key contributor to RTA’s development drive," said Saeed Al Marri, Director of Contracts and Procurement, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA.

"The gathering started with a review of RTA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024, current and future projects, the role of vendors in providing logistical support to these projects. The meeting then featured Al Haris programme, a safe channel for RTA’s staffs and external parties for reporting any violations that undermine the rights of customers or vendors to ensure a fair and transparent working environment," explained Al Marri.

"The gathering also reviewed the recently released vendors and investors system initiative, which enables them to use the contracts and procurement services on RTA’s website," he added.

WAM/ /Esraa Ismail/Rasha Abubaker