Saturday 16 October 2021 - 10:47:19 am

Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology launches ‘UAE Quality Infrastructure’ campaign

ABU DHABI, 17th August 2021 (WAM) – The UAE’s Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) today launched a new campaign and comprehensive plan to raise awareness of the nation’s quality infrastructure system.

The ‘UAE Quality Infrastructure’ campaign is designed to inform local, regional and international manufacturers and consumers of the indispensable role the UAE’s quality infrastructure system plays in ensuring the highest production standards are met across the industrial sector’s value chain.

Designed to complement the objectives of Operation 300Bn, the National Strategy of Industry and Advanced Technology, the campaign spotlights the efficiencies and productivity of the UAE’s thriving industrial sector, which is underpinned by advanced technologies and quality infrastructure.

Due to its in-built resilience and agility, the UAE’s industrial sector has the capability to rapidly adopt and apply international best practices when it comes to specifications, technical regulations and systems to support the highest standards of production quality.

Omar Suwaina Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, said: "The campaign we’ve launched today showcases the UAE’s regional and global experience in developing quality infrastructure and a thriving industrial ecosystem."

He revealed that there are approximately 26,000 Emirati standards and technical regulations that encompass a range of vital sectors such as health, education, technology, construction, food and agriculture, as well as future industries, information technology (IT), management systems and others, which enhance the competitiveness of the UAE regionally and globally.

He added: "The UAE Quality Infrastructure campaign consolidates the position of Emirati products in key global markets, by highlighting their high-quality and the industrial system that supports their production. It will also help us achieve the main objectives of Operation 300Bn, which seeks to increase the industrial sector's contribution to national GDP to AED300 billion by 2031.

"It’s another facet of our strategy to transform the industrial sector into a core pillar of our future economy. By putting the right infrastructure in place to foster an innovation-driven industrial ecosystem, we can accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies across the value chain, develop new industrial sectors and catalyze a hub of pioneering research and development."

The campaign also reflects the role of the specifications and legislation division of MoIAT, whose departments (specifications, technical legislation and metrology) have been integrated to create the requisite legislative and technical environment in the UAE to further enhance its attractive business environment.

The campaign will review the plans and mechanisms applied by MoIAT to enable the industrial sector to achieve continuity in upgrading the quality of its products and services by involving all stakeholders in the development of the quality infrastructure system.

It will encourage innovation programs and the continuous updating of specifications, standards and legislation based on the latest advances in these fields, with the Ministry providing programs to empower industrialists at all levels, while monitoring their commitment to quality, efficiency and standards.

The UAE’s quality infrastructure is based on five main pillars: metrology which ensures the conformity of products to the highest technical specifications; legislations to keep pace with rapid industrial developments; standards that have the greatest impact on the accuracy of measurement results, which support industry; conformity assessment processes to ensure the quality of products and the availability of safety requirements; and finally accreditation, which ensures that conformity assessment bodies operating in the UAE meet the mandatory requirements issued by regulatory authorities.

With the announcement of the new structure of the UAE government in July 2020, MoIAT became the only federal entity responsible for the tasks and powers of quality infrastructure. Under the new government structure, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology was integrated into the Ministry, and all the responsibilities that were previously related to the authority were transferred to MoIAT.

The integration allowed a greater ability to support advanced policies for research and development within the industrial sector and to introduce advanced legal and procedural frameworks to serve the objectives of promoting the sector, alongside optimal allocation of resources and capabilities in terms of quality infrastructure towards existing vital industries or targeted future industries.

MoIAT pays special attention to specifications, standards, legislation, conformity assessment and accreditation. Specifications, legislation and standards are organized within an independent "Specifications and Legislation" division, which is keen to review and develop technical legislation, specifications and standards on a permanent basis, taking into account the requirements of the industrial sector and in partnership with it, in addition to ensuring that the best international standards in this field are met.

WAM/Hassan Bashir