Friday 09 December 2022 - 6:21:40 am

First set of UAE’s "Projects of the 50" attracts media coverage of 497 articles across 25 countries

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ABU DHABI, 6th September, 2021 (WAM) - "Projects of the 50", the UAE government’s far-reaching economic, social and developmental initiative that was announced at a press conference in Dubai on September 7, has reached more than 229 million people around the world through print, digital and social media channels.

The initiative was launched by a number of a ministers and senior government officials to set the national priorities for the next 50 years, with a bold agenda to drive foreign direct investment, boost trade with key global partners, develop a knowledge economy, and attract investors, highly skilled professionals and innovative, ambitious projects to the UAE.

The announcement received coverage in local, regional and international media, reflecting the UAE’s status as a global city that champions innovation and excellence – and seeks open exchange with countries across the world. Within 24 hours of the launch, "Projects of the 50" was the subject of more than 490 articles across 25 countries, garnering widespread media coverage in leading international media brands and agencies, including Reuters, AP, Washington Post, ABC News, Financial Times, Telegraph, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, ABC News, The Independent (UK) and The Mail Online.

Bloomberg underlined the initiative’s contribution to the nation’s strategic goals: "The UAE – which has been the Middle East’s commercial capital for more than a decade – will work on comprehensive economic agreements with countries showing high potential for growth... It’s also easing visa restrictions to try to attract foreign talent."

For its part, Reuters highlighted the opportunities provided by the new residency laws. "The new ‘green visa’ for skilled workers will have more flexibility for sponsoring family members and will allow more time to find a new job after one employment ends."

Taken together, Bloomberg’s coverage was responsible for more than 6.8 million impressions, with Al Bayan leading the way in the Arabic-language media with 3.5 million impressions. Between them, the articles published across the world generated more than 9,100 engagements.

On social media, the campaign received more than 3,600 posts from around the world. The hashtags "#Projects_Of_The_50" and its Arabic equivalent were the most commonly used in reference to the campaign. The majority of the posts, more than 3,000, originated in the UAE, but there was strong interest in the US and regional countries such as Egypt.

"Projects of the 50" also generated widespread interest in India, a key trading partner with strong historic and cultural links with the UAE. The articles carried on NDTV and The Indian Express, both of which led with the new "green visa" status of residency that is of particular interest to the Indian business and investment community, all garnered well in excess of one million impressions.

"Projects of the 50" will is set to remain in the international news throughout September as further initiatives will be released by the UAE government.


WAM/Hatem Mohamed