ALECSO appoints Alyazia Al Nahyan as Ambassador for Culture for ALECSO

ALECSO appoints Alyazia Al Nahyan as Ambassador for Culture for ALECSO

ABU DHABI, 15th October, 2021 (WAM) -- The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) has appointed Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan as the ''Extraordinary Ambassador for Culture for ALECSO'' for 2021-2022, in recognition of her remarkable cultural and creative achievements locally, regionally and internationally.

Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan has become the first person to be appointed to the position in the organisation's history.

Sheikha Alyazia received the shield and certificate of the appointment from Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar, Director-General of ALECSO, at a ceremony held yesterday at Qasr Al Hosn in Abu Dhabi. In attendance were Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth and Chairperson of the National Commission for the United Arab Emirates for Education, Culture and Science; Salma Al Darmaki, Secretary-General of UAE National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, and top officials from the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

In her acceptance speech, Sheikha Alyazia extended her sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar, and Noura Al Kaabi, for placing their confidence and entrusting her with the honor of being appointed Cultural Ambassador for ALECSO.

''This is a tribute to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates, for granting limitless opportunities, by paving the way for cultural initiatives and projects, and for spreading the meanings of benevolence as part of our national culture. To us, this undertaking is an honor, and we will strive to continue the collective process of developing cooperation and cultural movements in domains of creativity," said Sheikha Alyazia.

''Culture is a means to lift societies, to weave bonds within communities, through adhering to our Arab identity and heritage, which is our source of pride and our way towards achieving a sustainable society. Exchanging knowledge and skills, locally, regionally and internationally, is a representation of the morals we value. His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, defined identity as "wisdom, affection, courage, broad-mindedness, inspiration from history, heritage and conciseness to responsibility."

''We seek to strengthen ties with all cultural forerunners and the youth, to put forward new ideas and initiatives, capable of spreading positivity in many artistic, literary, media and historical fields, as well as in the field of creative economies. Time and time again creators overcome and succeed in the face of ordeals and provide foresight for the future.'' ''We thank those who have contributed to the advancement of creativity and have drawn modern concepts of the notion of culture,'' she added.

Addressing the audience, Noura Al Kaabi said that today is a celebration and appreciation for the long journey of creativity and cultural work of Sheikha Alyazia, who was chosen by the Tunisia-based organisation as the first extraordinary ambassador for Arab culture within the "ALECSO Ambassadors for Culture" programme.

She added that the selection of Sheikha Alyazia for this mission is significant evidence of ALECSO'S interest in her playing an active role, and her distinguished efforts in establishing and empowering the Anasy Foundation, which promotes cinema and the role of the public benefit sector in the cultural field in the UAE, at the regional and global levels. This work qualified her to reach this position today, which made her one of the most influential and supportive personalities in this field, which culminated in receiving many awards in recognition of her initiatives in support of Arab culture.

Noura Al Kaabi affirmed the readiness of all cultural institutions in the UAE to support the extraordinary ambassador for Arab culture to accomplish her tasks in 2021 and 2022, pointing to the importance of cooperation by all stakeholders to contribute to the success of her programme to highlight the role of the organisation and implement its activities in the UAE and at the regional and global levels. Al Kaabi said that Sheikha Alyazia will be a key partner in the launch and implementation of joint Arab cultural initiatives, stressing her confidence that Sheikha Alyazia will be the best cultural ambassador for the UAE, the organisation and Arab youth.

She congratulated Sheikha Alyazia, affirming confidence in her ability to realise more achievements in the service of culture and the Arab world.

Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar expressed his thanks and gratitude to Sheikha Alyazia for her acceptance in becoming the organisation’s first Ambassador for Culture for ALECSO.

''It is indeed a great honor for ALECSO, bearing eloquent testimony to the leading role and prestigious status of the United Arab Emirates, as well as to the valuable efforts deployed by its wise leaders in promoting joint Arab cultural action and in serving the causes of peace and sustainable development at the national, Arab and global levels,’’ said Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar.

''The critical circumstances currently experienced by some Arab countries, and by the world as a whole, resulting from the ever-accelerating changes and developments, and further exacerbated by the current health situation and its subsequent impacts, call for a redoubling of efforts so that we can face up to the myriad challenges with which we are all confronted at all levels, especially at the cultural level.'' ''This designation comes in recognition of the distinguished status that Sheikha Alyazia enjoys at the national, Arab and international levels, a status she has gained thanks to her great, diverse and continuing achievements in various fields of culture and creativity."

''While greatly appreciating Your Highness’ acceptance of this appointment, which is truly a great honor for Arab culture, ALECSO looks forward to closely working with you for the adoption and sponsoring of some of its programmes and activities in the field of culture; thereby promoting the role of culture as a key driver of sustainable development in the Arab world."

"While highly valuing your acceptance of this mandate, ALECSO reiterates its sincere thanks to Your Highness, and through you, to the United Arab Emirates, for the continuous support offered to the Organization so that it can pursue its mission of promoting the universal values of Arab culture, being a culture of peace, dialogue and tolerance, based on the principles of diversity, plurality, and openness to all cultures,'' he added.

Sheikha Alyazia, an artist and filmmaker growing up in an artistic family where the contours of her methods were drawn early on. Her first art exhibition, entitled ‘Dialogue’, was held in 2009 at Tabari Artspace – Dubai. In 2014 Sheikha Alyazia was presented with the International Emerging Artist Honorary Award for her work, entitled ‘Carrom Station’, her personal monologue ‘Dialogue’ was published, as well. Later on, various art shows were held in New York, Madrid and London.

In 2007, Sheikha Alyazia and two of her sisters, Sheikha Osha and Sheikha Shamsa, founded Anasy Media, a film production company which has produced award-winning documentaries on subjects ranging from history to culture and present-day issues. A film about the 150,000-year-old history of the UAE is one of the most prominent productions by Anasy, among others, such as the Tainted Veil, filmed in 9 countries, and the satirical mockumentary Nanny Culture, both receiving trophies and awards at international film festivals.

Her debut as a film director was in 2020, when she directed the short fantasy film Athel, which was awarded a Platinum Award for Best Fantasy Short and Gold Remi Award winner in the USA, and officially selected at other film festivals in Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, UAE and India.

Whether through productions or exhibitions, the tales and stories shared invite the public to join her in the narration and to take part in these visual journeys