Thursday 08 December 2022 - 11:22:18 pm

UAE a reliable partner for sustainable development, innovation, opportunity creation: Armenian Minister of Economy

DUBAI, 13th December, 2021 (WAM) -- Vahan Kerobyan, Armenia’s Minister of Economy and Commissioner-General of the Armenia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, said that the UAE has become a reliable partner for sustainable development, innovation, and the realisation of opportunities regionally and internationally, thanks to its governance system, efforts to reduce oil dependence, and rapid economic diversification.

"We are full of hope to establish new business relations with our Emirati partners and enrich our bilateral economic agenda, exchange experience and knowledge with the technologically advanced community in order to develop ambitious cooperation," the minister told the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

"Tech-driven educational development, women’s involvement in state governance and societal development, youth empowerment, and having an investment-conducive climate have led the UAE to emerge as a platform where scientists and cultural figures, experts and researchers, global leaders, and decision-makers come up with new thoughts addressing potential global challenges."

"In recent years, Armenia and United Arab Emirates have come closer and the cooperation between the two countries in trade, tourism, energy, medical services, technology, infrastructures and the financial sector have increased," he added, noting that the alliance has more potential to grow.

Speaking about Expo 2020 Dubai, he said that the event serves as a connection of minds and an auspicious opportunity to best address the challenges facing humanity, find collective solutions to them and create a new model of global community.

The minister explained that Expo 2020 Dubai is "a big step towards going back to our normal lives", highlighting Expo 2020 Dubai’s efforts to implement COVID-19 safety measures while granting visitors with unforgettable experiences and opportunities.

"The UAE has done a spectacular job in hosting the World Expo. Creating a city from scratch to host the event and undertaking the experience of 25 million visitors is not an easy task. The UAE makes the process [seem] effortless."

Highlighting his country's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, Kerobyan said that the concept of Armenia's participation is built around the idea of "Ethnotech", presenting his country's ethnic features and technological aspirations.

"Our participation in the exhibition aims to show our opportunities, Armenia's investment environment and attractiveness," he added. "But not known to many is the fact that Armenians historically are also leading edge in terms of innovation. We are responsible for everyday technologies such as the MRI machine, the ATM machine, the color TV, etc. This spills over into today՛s tech industry; just a couple weeks ago Armenia gave the world a tech unicorn – PICSART․"

"Armenia’s participation in this mega event is an incredible opportunity to introduce its culture and economic potential to the global community, share innovations and collaborate."

Kerobyan noted that Armenia was one of the first countries to confirm its participation in this important and unique event.

When asked about the main attractions of his country’s pavilion, he said that, by showcasing a historical or cultural artifact, the pavilion is not only showcasing the cultural relevance, but also a more in depth look at where that artifact came from, the technology used to create it and its story. "For this, we are utilising AR technologies. Our visitors will be asked to download an app to be able to experience Armenia’s culture with an interactive touch."

"The Tree of Life - this is the showstopper! Armenians are all over the world. More than 60 percent of Armenians live outside of the motherland. All of these Armenians have roots to their homeland. They innovate, create and add to other societies. They create LIFE. Holographic technologies are used here to bring this unique experience to life," the minister added.

WAM/Amjad Saleh/Lina ibrahim