Sunday 29 May 2022 - 12:01:01 am

Arab Parliament for the Child's 3rd session to be held remotely in February

  • البرلمان العربي للطفل يعقد جلسة الثالثة افتراضيا فبراير المقبل
  • البرلمان العربي للطفل يعقد جلسة الثالثة افتراضيا فبراير المقبل

SHARJAH, 11th January, 2022 (WAM) -- Ayman Othman Al Barout, Secretary-General of Arab Parliament for the Child (APC), has announced the third session of the Parliament will be held remotely in February, and all Arab countries and the competent authorities will be notified of this decision, in light of the consensus on the importance of preserving public health.

This decision announced at the organising committee meeting came in the wake of taking precautionary measures to preserve the health of children who are members of APC, due to the repercussions and global spread of the coronavirus globally on a large scale.

The organising committee, headed by Al Barout, approved the coordination procedures with the Arab countries and the preparation of a remote third session including a plenary session, training workshops and visits, on the seventeenth of February.

In this regard, Al Barout emphasised that APC had three previous successful experiences in holding remote parliament sessions due to the pandemic, which called on APC to organise sessions through a sophisticated electronic network to link all members in the Arab countries and effectively convene their programmes and sessions as if they were in one headquarters.

Al Barout pointed out that complying with the precautionary measures and ensuring the health and safety of children is a priority of the APC, whereas the session proceedings will continue according to the plan that includes remote participation and quality programmes.