Friday 01 July 2022 - 9:18:10 pm

Barbados Prime Minister urges governments to look beyond national interests and act on global principles

DUBAI, 28th March, 2022 (WAM) -- Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, today urged government officials to do "the right thing" and look beyond national interests and consider decision-making for global wellbeing.

Mottley made this statement today during a special address, entitled ‘Our Role of Bringing Global Moral Strategic Leadership to the Table’, at the Women in Government Forum, hosted as part of the World Government Summit (WGS2022) taking place in Expo 2020 Dubai.

"Leadership must be rooted in principle, and principles only mean something when it is inconvenient to stand by them – that is when you know you have done the right thing," Mottley said.

The session, moderated by Huda Al Hashimi, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs, discussed the importance of empowering societies in leadership.

"It was the young people who facilitated global movements and led transition in building a better future for humanity," Mottley said.

Mottley also vocalised her enthusiasm about the opportunities of the metaverse’s digital worlds and connectivity, particularly its potential to foster more effective multilateral cooperation.

"The metaverse allows [Barbados] to go to the next level, even with limited resources, to influence diplomatic engagements, people-to-people bilateral engagements, create opportunities for businesses and commercial activity and bring regional blocs closer together," she said.

"Technology has a tremendous role to play as an amplifier to democratise movements, but we need to be cautious of its uses," she added.

WAM/Amjad Saleh