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NYU Abu Dhabi concludes region's first-ever Quantum Computing Hackathon

  • "نيويورك أبوظبي" تختتم منافسات هاكاثون الحوسبة الكمية الدولي
  • "نيويورك أبوظبي" تختتم منافسات هاكاثون الحوسبة الكمية الدولي
  • "نيويورك أبوظبي" تختتم منافسات هاكاثون الحوسبة الكمية الدولي
  • "نيويورك أبوظبي" تختتم منافسات هاكاثون الحوسبة الكمية الدولي

ABU DHABI, 4th April, 2022 (WAM) -- NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), in partnership with Tamkeen, and hosted by the NYUAD Institute, has concluded the region's first-ever Quantum Computing International Hackathon for Social Good, where the team, Qudra, won first place for their project QEnergy.

The QEnergy project tackled an environmental challenge by utilising quantum technology to distribute renewable energy grids to enhance energy security and sustainability.

More than 160 participants from over 20 countries turned up at the three-day event where world-leading computer science professors, startup founders, technology professionals, and venture capitalists such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), G42 Cloud, SandboxAQ, qBraid, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), IonQ, MIT, Yale, Stanford, The Microsoft Garage, and many more collaborated as mentors, judges, and speakers and provided the participants with insights, support, and guidance.

NYUAD Affiliated Faculty and Clinical Professor of Computer Science Sana Odeh, who organised the event, commented, "Over the past decade, the NYUAD International Hackathon for Social Good has resulted in the creation of a local, regional, and a global Tech for Good innovative leadership hub and contributed to the successful launch of many careers.

"This year is no exception, and the success of this year's initiative demonstrates NYUAD's central role in creating a hub for quantum computing education locally, regionally, and globally for young talent among top-tier institutions and experts in the field."

The NYUAD hackathon is designed to empower a new generation of computer scientists with the necessary collaborative, cross-border skills to advance quantum computing capabilities here in Abu Dhabi and ultimately make a positive impact on our society.

In second place was team qVerified, who developed an automated solution to verify the accuracy of algorithms that saves quantum developers time and effort. Also in second place was team QSPirates, with their project QvsPy, a quantum virus sensor stimulator detector for viruses such as COVID-19.

Khalifa University student and qVerified team member Omar AlRemeithi said, "This Hackathon connects people from all around the world where it aligns with EXPO 2020 theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.' We are utilising quantum computers for one purpose: the social good. This is a wonderful experience for the students, mentors, judges, and volunteers, where each person shares their diverse culture, technical skills, and creative ideas. As a student, I built my network through this hackathon."

In third place was team Jumjuma, with their project MedQure, which uses blind quantum computing to allow healthcare clients with limited computational ability to securely classify sensitive medical data on an untrusted cloud-based quantum computer. Sharing in third place was Team22 with their project mediQal, a web app focused on optimising the routing of mobile medical services.

Established in 2011, the NYUAD International Hackathon for Social Good has seen more than 1,000 participants from more than 50 countries. Previous innovations resulting from the Annual NYUAD International Hackathon include applications that connect grocery stores with food shoppers to minimise food waste; locate missing refugees; tackle counterfeit medicine; offer affordable translations of texts, and increase employment in the Arab World, among others.

WAM/Esraa Ismail/Rola Alghoul