Local Press: Build and secure your future in UAE

Local Press: Build and secure your future in UAE

ABU DHABI, 19th April, 2022 (WAM) -- A UAE newspaper has said that the country is breaking barriers and forging a new path in its bid to lure talent to its shores with landmark reforms that will make it easier for people from all over the world to live and work in the country.

In an editorial on Tuesday, Khaleej Times said, "Before we explain what the country symbolises for humanity, here are the key takeaways from its major immigration overhaul: company sponsorship is not required for some professions; visitor visas have been extended, and tourists can stay longer and enjoy the sights the country has to offer."

The paper continued, "The Golden Visa scheme has also been expanded and holders can sponsor their immediate family members with no age restrictions. Other residency visa holders can sponsor children until the age of 25.

"An immigrant haven for decades, the successful staging of the Expo showed the country would forever remain open to visitors and for those who want to make their mark in their chosen professions. Expo forever, therefore, fits in nicely with the country’s plans for the future.

"The UAE is taking the show’s legacy forward with these immigration reforms that could bring people and businesses closer. On Sunday, Dubai said the site of modern architectural marvels would become a permanent venue for the emirate’s development, where a refreshing global culture that unites people takes shape.

"On Monday, the country revealed the expertise and the people with these skills who would make such a vision possible. These reforms will boost the investment climate in the country that has witnessed positive sentiment since the staging of the Expo. There’s a new confidence in the UAE’s ability to deliver despite the odds after the successful staging of the six-month event from October last year to March this year. In fact, the show has lifted the country and this city’s status on the world stage.

"Though it was held during the pandemic, the mega event drew close to 25 million visits. By hosting the Expo in the middle of a global health crisis, the UAE proved that there’s an alternative model of development that puts cooperation and not conflict at its core. However, war remains a concern with the Ukraine-Russian crisis threatening to spiral out of control.

"Like we said earlier, the UAE is in the business of building bridges with the world. It is moving with the times that-are-a-changing while unlocking human potential."

The Dubai-based daily concluded by quoting the media office statement as saying, "The new system of entry and residence aims at attracting and retaining global talents and skilled workers from all over the world." This superior visa regime will improve "competitiveness and flexibility and foster a high sense of stability among UAE residents and families."