Sunday 14 August 2022 - 7:10:58 pm

Guatemalan President hosts Fahim Al Qasimi to discuss investment prospects with Sharjah

  • رئيس غواتيمالا يستقبل فاهم القاسمي و يبحثان آفاق تطوير العلاقات الاستثمارية مع الشارقة
  • رئيس غواتيمالا يستقبل فاهم القاسمي و يبحثان آفاق تطوير العلاقات الاستثمارية مع الشارقة
  • رئيس غواتيمالا يستقبل فاهم القاسمي و يبحثان آفاق تطوير العلاقات الاستثمارية مع الشارقة

GUATEMALA CITY, 1st June, 2022 (WAM) -- Alejandro Giamatti, President of the Republic of Guatemala, received a delegation from the Department of Government Relations (DGR) in Sharjah, led by their Chairman, Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi, in the presence of Janio Rosales, Guatemala’s Minister of Economy, to discuss emerging prospects for boosting economic cooperation.

The delegation also visited the Republic of Costa Rica, during which Sheikh Fahim held key meetings with senior officials to explore ways to boost collaboration, particularly in sectors of economy and development.

In Guatemala, the DGR delegation gained insights on an economic development plan, and also explored ways to boost efforts for bolstering economic strategies that attract investments.

Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi visited the National Palace of Culture and lauded the cultural exchange between the UAE and Guatemala. The close relations between Sharjah and Guatemalan cities, he said, served as a foundation for sharing expertise and expanding the scope of cultural, economic and investment collaboration. He pointed out that continued cooperation, mutual respect and common interest are the pillars of such relations.

During the visit to Costa Rica, Sheikh Fahim met with key officials from the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) and the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER). The two parties explored opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer in sectors of trade, education and tourism. They discussed mechanisms for implementing joint economic projects and ways to bolster the investment environment for both parties by harnessing innovation and technology.

Sheikh Fahim lauded Costa Rica’s plan to protect its oceans and become a carbon-neutral (C-neutral) country. He showed particular interest in projects that promote the blue economy, which considers seas and oceans as key to global economic development. The DGR Chairman stressed that Costa Rica has one of the most successful experiences in this field which inspire countries facing environmental challenges.

For their part, the Costa Rican officials highlighted the importance of exploring collaboration opportunities with the UAE and particularly with Sharjah, noting that the two parties aspire to enhance bilateral cooperation in several development and economic sectors, particularly environment protection, climate change, and regreening apart from the enhancement of tourist attractions.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Khoder Nashar