Friday 29 September 2023 - 12:03:37 am

Stone blocks unearthed in eastern Cairo

CAIRO, 13th June, 2022 (WAM) -- An Egyptian-German archaeological mission uncovered granite stone blocks dating back to the era of King Khufu, in eastern Cairo, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said today.

This is "the first time that artifacts belonging to King Khufu were found in Ain Shams area," Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, was quoted as saying in a Ministry statement.

The blocks might be part of an unknown building or might have been transferred to the Pyramids Plateau in Giza as construction materials in the Ramesside period spanning from 1292 BC to 1069 BC, Waziri added.

The joint mission also found a piece of granite for King Pepi I Meryre with an inscription of Horus falcon, a pedestal of a statue of King Amasis II and several parts of Sphinx-shaped statues.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Khoder Nashar