Wednesday 17 August 2022 - 11:33:09 pm

MoHaP hosts workshop on 'Tatmeen' platform to track pharmaceutical products from production to end-use

ABU DHABI, 14th June, 2022 (WAM) -- The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) has convened a four-day workshop to discuss the latest developments concerning "Tatmeen", a track-and-trace digital platform that fortifies and secures the UAE’s healthcare supply chain.

Launched by MoHaP, the Tatmeen platform provides advanced electronic tracking services for medicines and medical supplies from production to end-use. It was developed in partnership with a group of technology leaders to improve the reliability of the UAE’s pharmaceutical supply network.

The workshop was held in collaboration with EVOTEQ, a UAE-based digital solution provider for the development and operations of the platform, where strategic partners including the Emirates Health Services (EHS), Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, were present.

During the workshop, officials from MoHaP, EVOTEQ and the strategic partners addressed the progress made by the platform and discussed the prospects of attracting manufacturers and connecting all supply chain stakeholders in an integrated network.

Ahmad Ali Al Dashti, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Support Services Sector in MoHaP, stressed that the Tatmeen platform represents a fundamental transformation in the health sector thanks to its comprehensiveness, use of cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated equipment.

"Tatmeen provides critical health and pharmaceutical services that benefit the entire community." It allows the tracking of pharmaceutical products from production to customer usage using a single integrated digital platform. This will certainly support MoHaP's digital transformation vision and the government's efforts to promote digitisation across all sectors to enhance and accelerate the quality of services," Al Dashti said.

Ali Al-Ajmi, Director of the Digital Health Department in MoHAP, said that Tatmeen will support the UAE’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of imported and manufactured medicines in the country, using "Smart Track" technology from Evoteq, in line with the "GS1" digital sequencing standards, to enhance transparency and confidence in pharmaceutical products.

The workshop involved announced the operation of the platform in the presence of stakeholders. It also touched on the platform's operational mechanisms and its role in achieving strategic goals.

"We are fully committed to ensuring a safer and more reliable healthcare environment through the "Tatmeen" platform," Al Ajmi said.

Lauding the gathering, Jihad Tayara, CEO of Evoteq, stressed that the workshop has provided an opportunity to highlight the drug tracking system, explain how it works, and how important it is for all stakeholders.

"We are very proud of winning the ministry’s trust to develop and manage the innovative platform "Tatmeen" to enhance the safety of pharmaceutical products. We are committed to supporting the technological infrastructure of the platform through our smart tracking and tracing system "Smart Track." Tayara said.

"This technology operates using the latest innovations in digital sequencing and allows the possibility of tracing pharmaceutical products from production to end-use. It provides accurate information, including the country of origin, the manufacturer, production, and expiration dates after scanning the serial number. These solutions can be used through the website or the platform’s smart application. By adopting digital sequencing, the UAE will secure the entire supply chain, from manufacturing facilities to patients," Tayara added.

WAM/ /Tariq alfaham/Hatem Mohamed