Tuesday 31 January 2023 - 8:38:45 am

NYUAD's Arts Centre to host world premiere of Filmmaker Philip Rachid's ‘The Main Circle 7.83’

ABU DHABI, 20th June, 2022 (WAM) -- The Arts Centre at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) will host the world premiere of The Main Circle 7.83, a live cinematic B-Boy performance celebrating art, self-empowerment, resilience, family, and collaboration. Written and directed by award-winning, UAE-based filmmaker, dancer, and returning artist Philip Rachid (aka Soultrotter) from June 23-24 at 9pm in The Black Box.

Commissioned by The Arts Centre, the captivating and empowering transmedia performance explores the perception of dance across Middle Eastern cultures and traditions. Building on Rachid’s documentary film It Ain’t Where You From, The Main Circle 7.83 is an attempt by the artist to demystify street culture and acknowledge how the art forms that have come out of it have shaped people’s lives. It spotlights how the UAE has become a magnet for talent throughout the region, who come for opportunity and self-expression.

Bill Bragin, Executive Artistic Director at The Arts Centre at NYUAD, said, "We were so excited when Philip Rachid approached us with the initial concept for The Main Circle 7.83. Inspired by taking a workshop with Sam Green and attending Sam’s collaboration with Kronos Quartet, A Thousand Thoughts, Philip synthesised Sam’s unique approach to documentary film as a live performance and came up with a concept to tell a uniquely UAE story in a new way. We were thrilled to be introduced to the underground street dance community of the UAE, and to see Philip use this as an opportunity to evolve artistically."

He added, "Philip Rachid’s short films and music videos reveal a keen sense of composition, colour, choices of location, and a deep sensitivity to his subjects’ stories. Developing this project over the past two years, despite the obvious obstacles created by the pandemic, have been an inspiring lesson in the power of partnering between DIY artists, and an institution like The Arts Centre. We expect audiences to come away with a new understanding of the UAE’s fertile artistic community, told in an exciting new way."

Rachid commented, "The Main Circle 7.83 is inspired by the Schumann Resonances, a scientifically proven frequency that represents the heartbeat of the Earth and its atmosphere. We as humans connect with these natural frequencies, it brings us balance, peace, and harmony. And that is exactly the message we want to spread through this project; by using music, dance, spoken word, and visuals we connect the world. As a UAE based artist myself, I am very excited to witness, experience and be part of the country’s transformation into a global cultural hub and a haven for regional talent looking to find a home for their art and themselves."