Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre announces Sheikh Zayed Book Award Scientific Committee for award’s 17th edition

ABU DHABI, 2nd July, 2022 (WAM) -- The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC), part of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, has announced the Sheikh Zayed Book Award Scientific Committee for the 17th edition.

Chaired by Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Secretary-General of the Award and Chairman of the ALC, the Committee includes Saeed Hamdan Al Tunaiji, Acting Executive Director of the ALC; Dr. Khalil Al Sheikh, Critic, Translator, and Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at Jordan’s Yarmouk University; Juergen Boos, President and CEO of the Frankfurt Book Fair; French Professor and Researcher Floréal Sanagustin; Lebanese Academic and Researcher Dr. Nadia El Cheikh; Egyptian Literary Critic and Professor Dr. Amany Fouad Gadallah; Saudi Arabian Writer and Novelist Dr. Badria Al Bishr; and Jordanian-German Translator Dr. Mustafa Al Slaiman.

Each year, the Scientific Committee appoints a group of distinguished regional and international literary figures as judges, who serve on nine separate judging committees.

The Committee then reviews and approves the judges’ selections before submitting them to the Board of Trustees, to be officially endorsed and to select the winners of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Secretary-General of the Award and Chairman of the ALC, welcomed the new members and applauded the distinguished roles the previous members played, which helped strengthen the Arab cultural movement and paved the way for many notable achievements.

"Appointing such renowned and celebrated figures who have had a remarkable impact on the cultural scene to join the SZBA Scientific Committee reflects our commitment to promoting the Award and advancing its status. We look forward to the valuable scientific knowledge and experience the new members will bring and we are confident that they will continue along the same path as their predecessors, who made significant contributions to enrich and develop the Award, which has come to enjoy a commendable presence in the Arab region and around the world," Dr. bin Tamim said.

Saeed Hamdan Al Tunaiji said, "Over the past 16 years, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award has offered a rich and important experience that has helped elevate the book industry, supported researchers and creative thinkers, and established a unique and inspiring environment for research and innovation."

Meanwhile, Dr. Amany Fouad Gadallah, a Professor of Literary Criticism in the Higher Institute of Artistic Criticism at Cairo’s Academy of Arts, stated, "I am pleased to have been chosen among the members of the Scientific Committee of the 17th Sheikh Zayed Book Award, and I am confident that the Committee will do everything in its power to evolve intellectual, literary, and cultural output."

On a similar note, researcher Dr. Nadia El Cheikh, the Vice Provost for Cultural and Research Engagement at NYU Abu Dhabi, said, "I am happy to be joining the Scientific Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in its 17th edition. This pivotal award has made remarkable contributions towards serving Arab culture, in addition to supporting intellectuals and creators."

Moreover, Saudi Arabian Novelist Dr. Badria Bishr commented, "I am honoured and delighted to be a member of the Scientific Committee for an international literary prize as respected as the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, which strives to advance human intellect and celebrate creativity, excellence, and innovation. Joining the Committee is both an honour and a great responsibility."