Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities organises tolerance training programme with Ministry of Interior

Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities organises tolerance training programme with Ministry of Interior

ABU DHABI, 3rd October, 2022 (WAM) – Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities has organised a training programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior to spread the culture of tolerance as part of the university’s efforts to support the UAE’s advocacy for tolerance and coexistence, the first country in the world to formally adopt the principle to be adhered to by all members of the community.

The programme was attended by Dr. Hamdan Musallam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities, and Major General Salem Ali Mubarak Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Support Services at the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Interior.

A number of the Ministry's administrative staff participated in the programme to be acquainted with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to effectively contribute to spreading the culture of tolerance as well as to promote global harmony and social justice that align with existing policies, legislation and executive regulations in the UAE.

Dr. Al Mazrouei stressed that the programme will enhance the Ministry’s employees’ cultural flexibility, allowing them to deal with different cultures, accept differences, build bridges and foster cooperation with different societies. “The university constantly seeks, via its programmes, and courses as well as intellectual and cultural activities, to consolidate these principles that have made the UAE an oasis of tolerance,” he added.

Promoting the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence is the solid foundation upon which the renaissance of the UAE was built. "This is certainly the result of the massive efforts, progressive steps, and relentless pursuit by the wise leadership of the Emirates towards leadership and excellence, which was positively reflected in promoting the values ​​of goodness, tolerance, peace and spreading love and happiness among people," he continued.

Al Shamsi, in turn, stressed the importance of enhancing the capabilities of the ministry’s staff, lauding the UAE’s pioneering role and traditional values to embrace openness and tolerance towards different nationalities, regardless of their different beliefs, cultures and values.

The programme discussed several topics, during which Dr. Khalifa Al Dhaheri, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, gave an overview of the concept of tolerance, its importance and principles; while Prof. Abdel Rahim Mandi, a faculty member at the university, addressed the importance of global citizenship.

Prof. Maria Al-Hatali, also a faculty member at the university, discussed various international efforts and global attitudes towards tolerance. Following her presentation, and Muhammad Al-Azizi, Head of the Library and Learning Resources Department, shed light on the role of diversity and differences in cultural identity.

Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities is the first university in the world to offer a "Bachelor of Tolerance and Coexistence" programme, which contributes to consolidating the approach of the UAE and its message that these lofty values ​​become the focus of attention, study and specialisation.