Wednesday 22 March 2023 - 4:48:50 pm

Al Dhahra, ARASCO sign agreement to supply WAFI Feed

RIYADH, 18th October, 2022 (WAM) -- Within the framework of the events of the Saudi Agriculture Exhibition, Al Dhahra Holding, a UAE-based prominent leader in the agribusiness sector, specialising in the cultivation and production of animal fodder and essential human food commodities, and ARASCO, the biggest producer of complete animal feed in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East located in Riyadh (KSA), announced that they entered into an agreement to supply up to 180,000 tonnes of WAFI animal feed that will be supplied through Al Dhahra to UAE’s market.

The agreement comes within the framework of the strategic partnership between the two companies years ago. Both companies exchange supplies up to 500,000 tonnes per annum of complete feed products and forage stock. Al Dhahra is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials to ARASCO.

Al Dhahra and ARASCO seek promotion of the existing integration and continuous production of more animal feed products and targets ensuring and supporting the stability of supplies inside the UAE and KSA. The supply agreement wss signed by Gianluca Fabbri, Al Dhahra acting CEO, and Nasser Abdulaziz Abanmi, ARASCO CEO.

Commenting on the occasion, Khadim Abdulla Al Darei, Co – Founder and Managing Director of Al Dhahra, pointed out, “The supply agreement constitutes a significant pillar to boost the mutual work of the companies in order to produce the best products to the customers in KSA and UAE. Al Dhahra provides ARASCO with feed materials from its agriculture projects around the world while ARASCO provides Al Dhahra with its needs from complete animal feed, poultry feed and other forage products to the Emirati market. The two companies do their best to double their quantities of production within the coming years.

"We target the satisfaction of consumers' needs and forecasts and to provide them with the best products. This is the main goal of the strategic agreement signed by two pioneers in the industry,” he added.

Mohammed Abdullah Al Kharif, Chairman of ARASCO Board of Directors said: “We are pleased for our engagement in such a strategic partnership with Al Dhahra Company. From our position as the biggest manufacturer of complete animal feed in KSA and ME, we fully acknowledge the importance of having the raw materials and feed stocks from Al Dhahra projects worldwide. Cooperation with a prominent pioneer in this field like “Al Dhahra Agriculture” helps us to fulfill our commitment to offer the best products in markets. We will continue supplying more Wafi feed to Al Dhahra Company during the coming years.”

It is worth mentioning that Al Dhahra Company, located in Abu Dhabi, operates in the cultivation, production and trading of animal feed and essential food commodities and end-to-end supply chain management. Al Dhahra operates in more than 20 countries catering more than 45 markets around the world. With a workforce of 5,000 employees. Al Dhahra manages the cultivation of 350,000 acres in different countries worldwide which are overlooking different rivers like Danube, Colorado and Nile. The Company used the most recent techniques and equipment of irrigation and agriculture. Over the past years, the Company has also made considerable investments within the logistics sector to ensure strong grid of land transportation and sea shipping of goods. Al Dhahra also owns 15 plants and facilities equipped with the latest forage processing and packing equipment through which it satisfies the needs of dairy products and animal feeding companies. The Company further operates 3 rice mills with the capacity to produce 500,000 MT of rice, annually in India, Pakistan, and UAE; in particular in Khalifa Industrial Zone “KIZAD”. It also has 2 flour mills with the capacity to produce 500,000 MT of flour in Greece and Bulgaria; olive oil press with a capacity of 10,000 MT annually in Morocco; and Dairy farms in Serbia and UAE with 20 k cows and production capacity of 80 m liters of milk annually.

On the Other hand, ARASCO is a private Saudi Company, established in 1983, and operates in food supply industry having its location in Riyadh. It has more than three thousand employees. It produces, and enables others to produce, sustainable feed of high quality. ARASCO Feed is one of the six strategic wings of the Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO) which is a pioneer in manufacture of complete feed, fodder mixes and fodder materials (Phosphate Calcium Dibasic) in the Middle East. It is proud of innovating Wafi feed which provides best forage to animals. It has been more than 35 years of investment by ARASCO in the construction and operation of forage plants in Middle East and Riyadh Region until it became one of the largest and best and largest companies feed processing with a storage capacity up to 150 k MT at the Company’s silos in addition to animal and poultry feed production as well as other fodders and different aquariums forage with a production capacity of 4.5 m tons annually. The Company is working constantly to provide markets with safe products with high quality compliant with the highest world standards. ARASCO Feed is ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 22000 for Food Security certified and is subject to periodical reviews by Saudi Food and Drug Authority. ARASCO is ranked within top 100 companies in KSA and is one of the biggest national nutritional companies in GCC which supports nutritional and water security.