Tolerance and human brotherhood is the way to spread peace in the world: Nahyan bin Mubarak

Tolerance and human brotherhood is the way to spread peace in the world: Nahyan bin Mubarak

MANAMA, 3rd November, 2022 (WAM) -- Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, has said that the UAE - based on its outstanding experience in the field of tolerance and coexistence - is keen to fully cooperate with everyone to achieve this noble goal and to present its experiences to others.

In his speech during the “Bahrain Forum For Dialogue: East And West For Human Coexistence” which kicked off today, Sheikh Nahyan stated, “We are a country that sees tolerance and coexistence as a way to achieve economic and social progress and a way to ensuring freedom of belief, protecting places of worship, spreading the principles of mercy and affection among people, and that tolerance and human brotherhood are the way to get rid of conflicts and hatred, to combat extremism and terrorism, and to spread peace and security all over the world.

He said, "The topic of the forum highlights the significance of working together to build bridges of cooperation between East and West, and to provide channels of dialogue and coexistence among them and to achieve convergence and joint work between the two parties, on an equal footing, and as partners."

This forum is a great opportunity to find successful solutions to effectively deal with any differences between East and West, in light of the values and principles that we all share as inhabitants of this one planet.”

These solutions, for example, must include developing educational programmes in the East and West, as well as focusing on the role of media and communication, in addition to building local and global partnerships, to promote the values of tolerance, coexistence, acceptance of other, renunciation of violence, extremism, hatred, discrimination, and racism.