WAM participates in Egypt Media Forum

WAM participates in Egypt Media Forum

CAIRO, 28th November, 2022 (WAM) – The Emirates News Agency (WAM) has participated in the first Egypt Media Forum (EMF), which got underway here, with the participation of more than 1,200 Egyptian, Arab and international journalists and media professionals and more than 150 experts and trainers.

Abdullah Abdul Karim, Acting Executive Director for News Content at WAM, who represented the UAE official news agency at the event, underlined the importance of the forum in view of the nature of the issues and topics it discusses.

He said that the new media industry goes beyond institutions to the audience who has become involved in the content and may become the creator of the content alone.

He praised the idea of engaging audience in leading the discussions of the forum because it is the goal and target of any media message.

He noted the prominent presence of students of media faculties and young content professionals at the forum which provided them with

opportunities to develop their professional capacities and skills and interact with participating media experts.

Over two days, the Egypt Media Forum discussed an array of topics related to media and journalism, most notably the digital content industry, the ethics of crime reporting, TikTok journalism, artificial intelligence techniques in detecting fake images, and how to detect misleading information.

The Egypt Media Forum is an annual and independent international platform for media development, based in Cairo. The EMF aims to advance the know-how and development of media culture and policies, and to support capacity building and qualified bodies.