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DSCD commences Sharjah Census 2022

  • بدء مرحلة العد الذاتي من مشروع "تعداد الشارقة 2022"
  • بدء مرحلة العد الذاتي من مشروع "تعداد الشارقة 2022"
  • بدء مرحلة العد الذاتي من مشروع "تعداد الشارقة 2022"

SHARJAH, 5th December, 2022 (WAM) -- The Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD) in Sharjah has announced the completion of the comprehensive listing phase of the Sharjah Census 2022 and the beginning of the phase, where residents, citizens and facilities targeted in the first phase will need to fill out an online form.

DSCD has allocated 13 field centres across the emirate to assist those who cannot complete the form, in addition to a toll-free call centre 80053 dedicated to inquiries and assistance in completing the form.

The department called on citizens and residents to complete the form accurately, noting that submitting the form enables the department to complete all phases of the Sharjah Census 2022, launched under the theme 'You Count,' on time and consequently has a positive impact on Sharjah’s plans to improve quality of life in line with the analysis of final data and results.

The icensus phase, which until the year-end, targets families both residents and citizens but excludes shared households, public housing, and workers' accommodation. Families who did not complete the self-counting phase will be referred to field centres after the completion of the phase.

DSCD has pointed out that the online forms are easy and straightforward, with a limited number of direct questions that enable residents to complete the forms in English or Arabic without requiring prior training.

The form collects data including housing location name, type, and occupancy, whether it is a residential or commercial building. Information about housing will include number, characteristics, function, status and number of rooms and number of occupants, their nationalities, and their personal details, in addition to special cases of some family members and other information relevant to individuals, professions and educational levels.

The Department of Statistics has allocated 13 field centres across all regions of the emirate, including Sharjah Cooperative Society, Al Dhaid Branch; Sharjah Cooperative Society, Al Hamriya Branch; and Sharjah Cooperative Society, Khorfakkan Branch; Al Rahmaniyah Mall; 06 Mall; Mega Mall; Kalba Mall; Al Majaz Waterfront; Sahara Mall; Souk Al Jubail; Lulu Hypermarket, Al Nahda Branch; Nesto, in addition to the popular market in Khorfakkan.

Commenting on the icensus phase, Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of DSCD, said: "The Department of Statistics and Community development continues to update the emirate's population database and various sectors, as it's a vital element in formulating socio-economic development plans and strategies that are aimed at advancing services and quality of life of residents, citizens and visitors."

He added: "The icensus phase utilises advanced technologies to ensure the accuracy of information that will be fed into an inclusive system that saves all details. It offers comprehensive data to assist experts and researchers in the development plans of the emirate. The self-counting form is time-effective, easy-to-use and saves a lot of effort; it does not require the user to visit the field centre or even make a phone call. The DSCD was keen to provide simple and clear questions on the form to ensure that all individuals from different cultural and academic backgrounds can complete it."

DSCD launched the Sharjah Census 2022 on September 26 under the theme 'You Count', to support the emirate's comprehensive development plans and ensure the community's well-being and quality of life.

The department called on the emirate's residents to play their role and contribute to the success of the census by providing the required information, noting that the data collected is confidential and will only be used for statistics and developmental purposes.

Tariq Al Fahaam/ Hazem Hussein