Friday 09 June 2023 - 8:07:59 am

TDRA participates in Telecom Review Leader’s Summit

ABU DHABI, 8th December, 2022 (WAM) -- The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) participated in the 16th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit as a Diamond Sponsor of the event.

The summit brought together major prominent leaders of the telecommunications sector, CEOs in digital transformation and emerging technologies, digital solution providers, owners of IT companies, and broadcasting and digital media companies.

The summit, held under the slogan (Global, Regional, Digital), highlighted the latest ICT trends, including sustainability, green technology, the 6G, Metaverse, and the flexibility of the telecommunications sector. This edition of the summit also included distinguished panel discussions, including "Women in the Telecom Sector".

Participants discussed topics, including the role of the ICT leaders in embodying the digital economy, the future of technology, the 6G networks, virtual and augmented reality technologies and the importance of integrating sustainability into technology strategies. It also discussed how to regulate data, and the major policies adopted to achieve this purpose.

In his speech at the summit opening, Mohammad Al Ramsi, Deputy Director-General for the Telecommunications Sector, TDRA, welcomed the attendees and emphasised that this event embodies the role of the private sector as a partner for the government to build a bright future.

He added, “We all have different visions about the future in light of the successive and accelerating technologies associated with the ICT sector. Digital transformation was one of the shapes of the future. Today, we live within a world of digital solutions and technologies that continue to push us to assimilate developments and achieve more strategies and goals.”

He added, “It is no longer possible to imagine the telecom sector separate from the digital transformation. In the UAE, we have embodied this relationship via a Decree Law issued in September 2020 to add digital government to the roles of the TDRA. Its roles were previously limited to the telecommunications sector. Today, we are the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority. Our role can be summed up in two words: regulating and enabling both tracks. I believe that this relationship between the telecommunications sector and the digital government sector is the pillar that we all must highlight to build our comprehensive strategies and plans for a better future that we aspire.”

The summit touched on the major topics currently being raised in the ICT and digital transformation sectors. During the summit, Saeed Belhoul, Director of the Digital Government Operations Department, TDRA, participated in a session entitled (Cloud Services and Data Centres). The session discussed the issue of data sovereignty and multiple connections to the data centre. The session also discussed data security in light of the trend towards its localisation, and other topics related to cloud services.

In the “Telecom Sector Leaders” session, the speakers discussed government expectations from telecom sector leaders about promoting digital services. They also discussed the role of the sector leaders in facilitating access to the network, keeping up with the growing demand for technology, and the role of decision-makers in the telecom sector in developing human resources.

The ICT sustainability session dealt with the role of the ICT sector in achieving sustainability, the difference between sustainability and the "green environment", the importance of integrating sustainability into the strategies of telecommunications companies, the impact of adopting the 5G technologies on sustainability, and other relevant topics.

Muhammad Aamir / Khoder Nashar