Wednesday 27 September 2023 - 6:47:10 am

UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 concludes in Dubai

DUBAI, 25th February, 2023 (WAM) -- The fifth and final day of the 4th UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 was a thrilling event for both participants and spectators alike, as the Obstacle Course Event put the teams to the ultimate test of endurance and skill.
After an intense day of competition, Dubai Police announced the top three winning teams of this year's challenge.
In the first place, with a time of 4 minutes and 22.9 seconds, was UZBEKISTANI SWAT Team, which demonstrated incredible teamwork, agility, and determination throughout the event. Their performance was flawless, and they completed the obstacle course in record time, making them the clear winners of the competition. They scored 38 points, which includes points for speed and accuracy.
In the second place, with a time of 4 minutes and 32.6 seconds, was AKHMAT, which also put up an impressive performance, demonstrating its strength and agility. They completed the course in an outstanding time, narrowly missing out on the first-place finish. They scored 37 points.
The Kyrgyzstani SWAT Team was in third place, with a time of 4 minutes and 44 seconds. It showcased remarkable perseverance and teamwork throughout the event. Despite facing some tough challenges, they managed to complete the course with an excellent time, earning them 36 points.
The top three winning teams of the UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 were:
First place: the Russian AKHMAT SWAT Team with 250 points.
Second place: Dubai Police SWAT Team B with accumulated total points of 229.
Third place: the Russian SOBR SWAT Team with 216 points.
Dubai Police congratulated all the teams participating in this year's challenge, especially the winning teams that showed exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. They thanked the sponsors, partners, and volunteers who made this year's event a success.
The UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 once again showed the world the exceptional skills and capabilities of law enforcement agencies. They were looking forward to next year's event, which promised to be even bigger and better.
The teams participating in the Challenge compete in five tests - tactical, assault, officer rescues, tower events and obstacle courses. These challenges, which assess the tactical acumen, mental focus and physical endurance of the teams, have been designed to promote the exchange of expertise and the development of SWAT capabilities. The UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 featured 55 teams from all over the world.

Tariq Al Fahaam