Friday 09 June 2023 - 9:29:26 am

Coders HQ organises breakfast with CTOs in collaboration with AWS

  • مقر المبرمجين يعقد ورشة لمدراء التكنولوجيا التنفيذيين بالتعاون مع شركة "أمازون ويب سيرفسز" للحوسبة السحابية
  • مقر المبرمجين يعقد ورشة لمدراء التكنولوجيا التنفيذيين بالتعاون مع شركة "أمازون ويب سيرفسز" للحوسبة السحابية

DUBAI, 20th March, 2023 (WAM) -- CodersHQ, one of the National Programme for Coders initiatives, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), organised a breakfast with Chief Technology Officers (CTO), an interactive workshop that hosted Mark Schwartz, Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services, titled “Speed and Control and Centralisation & Decentralisation”.

The workshop aimed to share experiences and strategies on the development of cloud computing, how to increase speed while maintaining flexibility, control, and agility, and its importance in enhancing productivity, that the private sector’s CTOs have acquired.

Commenting on the workshop, Saqr Binghalib, Executive Director at the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office, affirmed the importance of dialogues and workshops convening experts to share experiences aiming to develop the digital sector and ensure the sustainability of promising digital fields growth such as the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Cloud Computing and their main role in enhancing digital utilisation, sharing success stories and being proactive in the future fields.

During the workshop, Mark Schwartz showcased the importance of cloud and digital delivery’s techniques aiming to generate faster results with more control. He further explained the difference between the concepts of speed and control between the past and the present, pointing out that the benefits of digital tools to enabling different elements and enhancing speed and control in all sectors in a way to guaranteeing the best control as well as managing challenges and ensuring the success.

He said, “In the past, organisations have assumed that speed and control were in opposition that going fast meant losing control. Today, with the tools of the digital age, the opposite is true. Government sectors and corporations can govern better, manage their challenges better, and make better use of their resources if they learn to move at speed."

Schwartz discussed the mechanisms of using the cloud and digital methods to obtain quick results with high control. He identified benefits of centralisation in improving efficiency, decreasing costs, increasing control as well as benefits of decentralisation in increasing speed and improving efficiency of response for customers, enhancing innovation, and managing challenges.

The session also discussed challenges of centralisation and decentralisation and the importance of exploring opportunities out of these challenges for development to make the best decisions and improve its efficiency.

The workshop came within the HQ meetups in CodersHQ aiming to gather like-minded people in different coding fields and supporting coders as one of the main pillars for achieving the UAE Digital Economy Strategy.

Amjad Saleh/ Khoder Nashar