NLA launches project to preserve content for extended period

ABU DHABI, 24th March, 2023 (WAM) -- The National Library and Archives (NLA) launched a project to preserve permanent and original, authentic content for extended periods of up to 2,000 years, in cooperation with the companies, Piql, provider of digital preservation, archival and long term data storage services, and Melara Middle East, high-tech products distributor, solution provider.

The NLA transforms content and preserves them in a safe manner for future generations using the most advanced solutions, relying on Emirati expertise at local, regional and international levels.

The project is part of the process of transforming traditional documents into digital content and storing them according to the best standards and international technologies through an accurate, safe and sustainable process. Multimedia technologies make it possible to preserve information for extended periods.

Piql’s technology will enable the NLA to preserve all types of content, whether historical documents, videos, images or voice notes while allowing them to be easily retrieved and recovered in the future.

Through the project, the NLA can transform and store information, as well as strengthen its stature as a regional centre of excellence, the exchange of expertise, and research and development in digital storage.