CodersHQ held 'Metaversing your education' workshop

CodersHQ held 'Metaversing your education' workshop

DUBAI, 10th April, 2023 (WAM) -- CodersHQ, an initiative of the National Programme for Coders, organised an interactive workshop titled "Metaversing Your Education" that focused on the application of metaverse technology in higher education and was aimed at students from universities across the UAE.

The workshop witnessed participation from various speakers, including; Thaer Faraj CEO of Beyond Universe - a Microsoft partner in the Middle East; and Maryam Al-Amiri, Coding Ambassador at CodersHQ, who discussed various mechanisms for enhancing the use of metaverse technology in higher education and shared insights on the benefits from the latest technological releases, including Microsoft Holo Lens that students can utilise.

Saqr binGhalib, Executive Director at the Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office emphasised the need for enhanced utilisation of new digital sectors and their employment in inspiring and building skills and capabilities of future generations. With rapid technological changes taking place around the world, it is imperative to establish strong digital foundation that will enhance the UAE's journey and enable it to build the best digital infrastructure.

Saqr binGhalib stressed the significance of building partnerships and strengthening digital cooperation frameworks with leading international companies in the technology sector, adding, “This is crucial in enriching digital content and making optimal use of it, by introducing the latest technological devices and solutions, which will enable cadres in the country to experience them and employ in developing futuristic initiatives. This will enhance their role in leading the digital sector in the future.

The workshop centred around the concept of the "Metaverse" world, which is characterised by technologies such as "blockchain" that includes cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and extended reality; including, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

The workshop showcased various aspects of the metaverse and its significance in the field of higher education. The session also highlighted the opportunities presented by this promising sector, both in the short and long term. Additionally, the workshop emphasised the importance of proactive initiatives in empowering cadres and youth in these digital fields. This approach will enable them to contribute to shaping a better future for societies by leveraging the potential of the Metaverse.

During the workshop, students were introduced to key differences between the first generation of the Internet (Web 1) and the advanced fourth generation (Web 4), which is based on future technologies like artificial intelligence and metaverse worlds. The session aimed to enhance students' understanding of the history of technology, including its early emergence and the qualitative shifts it has undergone from the stage of reading data to creating devices that simulate the way a person thinks and works. Additionally, the workshop highlighted new aspects of technology carried by different generations of technology and main elements in each generation.

The workshop provided an overview of new innovations from the company, which is represented by the "Microsoft Holo Lens" device. The session covered all aspects of this device and included an introduction to its various components. Students were given the opportunity to experience the augmented reality that Microsoft launched in 2016. This device features sensors that measure the user's eye movement.

In 2019, the company launched a new and improved version, which boasts a new design and additional features.

The interactive workshop is part of (HQ) learn at CodersHQ. The workshop aims to develop skills and reinforce an approach based on talents and capabilities to elevate the country's position in the global technology and artificial intelligence sectors. The programme is aligned with the objectives of the national strategy for the digital economy of the UAE.