Monday 02 October 2023 - 11:54:38 am

600+ young players show their skills at Dubai's Grassroots Football Festival - U 8

DUBAI, 24th April, 2023 (WAM) – Over 600 young players of various nationalities and ages from Dubai's four clubs took part in the Dubai Grassroots Football Festival - U 8, which has recently concluded. The festival was organised by Dubai Clubs' Football Companies in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and aimed to attract sports talents, enhance technical levels of grassroots and junior players, and provide a platform for young players to display their skills.

Held at the clubs of Al-Nasr, Al-Wasl, Shabab Al-Ahli, and Hatta, the festival was divided into four stages, with each group playing 16 football matches. Alongside the matches, players participated in various sports, entertainment, and cultural activities, including ball shooting, footvolley, running, tug-of-war, awareness lectures, and cultural competitions.

The festival also aimed to create an attractive environment in Dubai clubs, scout and sponsor sports talents at an early age, enhance the spirit of cooperation among participants, and promote football in Dubai.

The DSC expressed its commitment to organising the festival's stages alternately to encourage clubs to organize innovative activities that provide benefits to both players and their families. The festival is one of the main events in the DSC's annual agenda, aimed at boosting the technical levels of promising players from an early age and promoting social ties among participants.

Through the Dubai Grassroots Football Festival - U 8, young players were able to enjoy the game while also gaining technical and social benefits that will help them grow as footballers and individuals.

Tariq Al Fahaam/ Muhammad Aamir