UAE Field Hospital in Chad, a new milestone in UAE's bright record of giving

UAE Field Hospital in Chad, a new milestone in UAE's bright record of giving


AMDJARASS, (Chad), 20th August, 2023 (WAM) -- The UAE celebrated the World Humanitarian Day with pride as the UAE Field Hospital in the Chadian city of Amdjarass added another feather to the country's humanitarian work cap.


On 19th August, the international community came together to honour humanitarians around the world striving to meet ever-growing global needs. No matter the danger or the hardship, humanitarians venture deep into disaster-stricken regions and, on the front lines of conflict, strive to save and protect people in need.


Launched on 9th July, under the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the 50 bed-hospital was the result of cooperation between three humanitarian entities in the UAE represented by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, and Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation in coordination with the UAE's Office for Aid Coordination in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The initiative is also part of the humanitarian, relief, and medical support provided by the UAE to Sudanese refugees facing humanitarian challenges caused by the outbreak of conflict in Sudan in the beginning of April. The support to the Republic of Chad also aims to alleviate the humanitarian impact of the influx of Sudanese refugees due to the current situation.


The hospital aims to extend a helping hand, humanitarian aid, and support to alleviate the suffering of refugees. It also comes as part of the UAE's enduring aim to provide critical medical services to those in need, especially the most vulnerable groups, including the sick, children, the elderly, and women.


Since its inauguration, the hospital has significantly impacted the lives of thousands of Sudanese refugees and has become a destination for Chadian citizens from all segments of society due to the good reputation it has enjoyed in a short time.


An integrated medical staff in all specialities provides its services around the clock and with high professionalism, represented by dozens of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and technicians with experience and high efficiency, using the latest medical devices and equipment and modern medicines to treat the hospital’s visitors.


The hospital houses three main zones, of which the red emergency zone is used to treat critical cases. The hospital has so far conducted more than 47 major and minor surgeries.


The yellow zone treats moderate cases such as fractures or Low blood pressure (hypotension).


The green zone is for daily care cases. More than 5,100 patients, an average of 200 patients per day, were treated.


Supportive services include a modern laboratory, pharmacy, blood bank, central kitchen, laundry and medicines and medical equipment warehouses.


The field hospital was keen to build bridges of communication and cooperation with Chadian hospitals in the region by offering them a helping hand and support, especially as they received many sick cases transferred from hospitals in Amdjarass with simple capabilities. For this purpose, the field hospital transports patients transferred from these hospitals through a fleet of ambulances to complete their treatment until full recovery.


The Emirati humanitarian team has also inaugurated the mobile clinic project to provide medical and curative services to Sudanese refugees and the local community in Amdjarass and surrounding areas.

The fully-equipped and serviced multi-speciality clinics provide medical and curative care to the local population and those in neighbouring areas.


The mobile clinics were inaugurated to fill the shortage of healthcare services in surrounding areas in the city and improve primary healthcare services to the most vulnerable segments due to the living and health conditions.


The clinics reach out to those who cannot afford to travel to the Emirati field hospital and refer cases that need specialised treatment or surgery to the field hospital to receive complete healthcare.


Hospital visitors expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the UAE for its support and for providing health care. They noted that the establishment of the field hospital came at the right time and place, especially for the refugees from the Republic of Sudan.


Several medical professionals at the hospital expressed their pride in performing this noble humanitarian duty and contributing to treating the injured and affected by the situation in Sudan. They said their work in the field hospital is a national duty and responsibility.