UAE government participates in Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting within G20

UAE government participates in Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting within G20

DUBAI, 29th August, 2023 (WAM) -- Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, stated that the UAE aims to enhance dialogue to integrate global efforts in advancing a robust digital infrastructure and fostering digital skills, in alignment with the changes of the global landscape.

Emphasising the rapid pace of globalisation in the technology and artificial intelligence field, Al Olama added that supporting innovative talents with skills in emerging digital fields is crucial.

This came during the G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting, hosted by the Republic of India. The meeting included global leaders in the field of the digital economy who represent strategic players in promoting global economic growth and future prosperity across various sectors.

Al Olama emphasised that digital infrastructure plays a pivotal role in societal progress and economic growth and is a critical element in the developmental journey. This involves formulating clear strategies and plans to ensure a thriving digital economy, encompassing the UAE's initiatives, such as the National Strategy for the Digital Economy, which aims to double the digital economy's contribution to the non-oil GDP by 2031.

It also aligns to achieve global leadership in mobile internet speed and leveraging technological advancements, including artificial intelligence, in government services as enablers of the robust digital infrastructure.

He highlighted the importance of securing global supply chains to enhance the digital economy and stressed the necessity to innovate and adopt specific mechanisms, especially for SMEs, to improve flexibility in the digital economy. Such efforts represent a global responsibility that requires international cooperation.

Al Olama emphasised the significance of aligning education and training outcomes with global technological changes and the requirements of the future workforce market. He underlined the importance of preparing societies and youth with digital skills.

He highlighted the UAE's success in supporting digital skills through the Artificial Intelligence Programme, which has graduated over 400 government officials and trained more than 30,000 individuals who participated in various digital programmes under initiatives like the National Programme for Artificial Intelligence, the National Programme for Coders, and the One Million Arab Coder Initiative.  

The UAE's digital education initiatives have also extended to seven countries, benefiting over 40,000 students. Moreover, the country achieved a remarkable step by launching Falcon 40B through the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), recently holding the top spot on Hugging Face leaderboard.  

The UAE Minister praised India's efforts in organising digital economy meetings within the G20 and its commitment to fostering digital innovation through collaborations with institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence in the UAE. These efforts aim to ensure a prosperous digital economy and contribute significantly to building a promising digital future.

Additionally, Al Olama congratulated the government of India for the success of their recent moon mission, reflecting the importance of space exploration in the journey of technological progress.

The G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting focused on digital infrastructure, digital innovation, ensuring safety, security, and resilience in the digital economy, and developing digital skills to enhance talent readiness for the future.