DIHAD celebrates International Day of Peace

DIHAD celebrates International Day of Peace

DUBAI, 20th September, 2023 (WAM) -- Throughout its nearly two-decade journey dedicated to serving humanity and promoting peace, DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Organisation continues its mission to serve humanity.

In past years, DIHAD has been actively engaged on a remarkable mission, launching impactful initiatives in collaboration with a variety of public and private entities. As a result, the value of these initiatives has exceeded 165 million euros and provided help to over 190 countries.

Throughout its journey, DIHAD has consistently built bridges of hope for countless communities around the world, often underserved and in need of assistance, establishing itself as a catalyst for peacebuilding and humanitarian service through its year-long contributions to sustainable humanitarian efforts.

On the notable occasion of the International Day of Peace, observed annually on 21st September, it is important to emphasise the UAE's unwavering commitment to promoting peace and enhancing global stability. In the past, the UAE has demonstrated its pledge to promoting love and tolerance among all nations through its sustained efforts to make the world a better place. Aligned with the UAE's vision of propagating goodwill and peace, DIHAD holds firm in its effective role to assist vulnerable communities and reinforcing the bonds of peace around the world.

Ambassador Dr. Abdulsalam Al Madani, Chairman of DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Organisation, commented, "At DIHAD, we place great importance on promoting the values of tolerance, love, and peace worldwide. We strongly support initiatives that aim to create a more diplomatic and sustainable world. Guided by our belief in empowering the next generation with knowledge and core values, emphasising kindness, enlightenment, and progress, DIHAD has significantly increased its humanitarian efforts. Recently, our humanitarian contributions exceeded 165 million euros, a testament to our strong partnerships with charitable organisations, where we were able to reach Nearly 2 million people in 190 countries.”

He continued, “On this significant day, we invite everyone to reflect on how they can contribute to peace in their daily lives and understanding that individual and collective actions play a vital role in achieving this global goal. Our shared commitment to peace represents our unwavering dedication to building a better and more harmonious world for future generations."

Amb. Gerhard J.W. Putman-Cramer, CEO, DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation; Ambassador-commented: “As we celebrate The world peace day on September 21st, we remember the importance of peace as an essential element in our attempts to reach those in desperate need of aid. While humanitarian diplomacy may mitigate and/or circumvent the obstacles created by conflicts and wars, we should never stop taking all possible Actions for Peace! And it is very important to remember that without Peace, there is neither effective aid nor sustainable development.”

Additionally, the DIHAD Conference and Exhibition, organised by the DIHAD Organisation, holds significant prominence as a platform dedicated to fostering peace and advancing the collective well-being of humanity. The event is a crucial platform for enhancing relief missions and humanitarian initiatives. It marks a significant opportunity for global peacemakers to meet and exchange experiences, solutions, and ideas with participating members working on achieving a more promising future characterised by universal peace and security.

The previous edition witnessed the involvement of prominent global experts in the humanitarian field, including Francesco Rocca, the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Rocca praised and highlighted the significant contribution of the DIHAD Organisation in mobilising community endeavours and facilitating their collaboration and community dialogue to advancing global peace.

The DIHAD Conference and Exhibition further provides participants with a distinctive opportunity to enhance peace frameworks through collaboration while exchanging experiences and expertise. The primary aim is to generate a constructive and influential outcome for humanity. By actively organising and participating in the event, the DIHAD Organisation has enhanced its position as a prominent entity supporting global peace initiatives and assisting individuals in vulnerable situations and those in need.

In highlighting the International Day of Peace, DIHAD Organisation continues to play an essential role to gather by humanitarian and volunteer institutions in the UAE and exemplifying the country's dedication to social responsibility and commitment to engaging in humanitarian endeavors nationally and globally. This refers to the UAE's vision to build a better world and achieve peace through cooperation and support for all communities in need.