PureHealth launches healthcare cloud providing digital health

ABU DHABI, 24th October, 2023 (WAM) -- PureHealth has launched a dedicated healthcare cloud providing digital health as a service platform called ‘PureNet’. Built on advanced cloud computing technologies, PureNet seamlessly connects existing and new healthcare service providers to streamline and digitalise their operations with minimum investments.

The platform will drive operational efficiencies, enabling healthcare providers to deliver holistic, patient-centric care, whilst reducing operational costs. PureNet is a one-stop solution for all healthcare providers, small, medium, or large, for cost-effective and instant access to manage operational technology needs.

Aligned with the Forward Society pillar of ‘We the UAE 2031’ – the Emirates’ national vision which aims to accelerate socio-economic growth and development over the next 50 years, PureNet represents a major milestone in digital healthcare transformation and PureHealth’s commitment to raising the standards of healthcare excellence.

Shaista Asif, Group Chief Operating Officer at PureHealth, said, “Today’s healthcare ecosystem operates in siloes, with both patients and care providers heavily reliant on physical interactions. Now is the time to embrace the changing dynamics of today’s fast-evolving healthcare sector and unlock the potential of 4IR technologies to bridge the gaps between medical teams, foster a connected healthcare ecosystem, and ensure that the patient's needs always come first.

"PureNet is a tech-driven gateway to connected healthcare excellence which places patients at the heart of our operations. By connecting our diverse healthcare services across our network, PureNet eliminates inefficiencies to improve operational excellence, and provides a holistic user experience across the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

PureNet offers solutions for every touchpoint of healthcare provision, from digitising patient record management and streamlining administrative tasks to providing insights for improved patient engagement and satisfaction.

PureNet’s flexible, plug-and-play capabilities make it an easily adaptable solution for healthcare providers, integrating with enterprise solutions and third-party apps to facilitate data and knowledge exchanges. The platform provides an open canvas for application developers to build and innovate on its platform, fostering an ecosystem of continuous improvement and accelerating the growth of healthcare providers by integrating multiple solutions, thereby reducing costs overall.

Available to all healthcare providers, the first implementation is being carried out in Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah. The Healthcare Cloud is live and fully operational, and new hospitals, clinics, labs and digital health platforms will utilise the Cloud not only in the UAE but also globally.