Dubai Municipality ready to deal with emergencies during rainfall

DUBAI, 27th October, 2023 (WAM) -- Dubai Municipality confirmed its readiness to deal with emergencies during rainfall as part of its proactive plan that includes an integrated system of procedures and rapid response mechanisms to emergencies.

The municipality announced its promptness in handling 279 calls during the rainy period through its emergency field teams consisting of 484 specialised engineers and technicians and 1,150 assisting workers.

It further highlighted the preparedness of emergency teams to respond quickly and address reports of weather and weather fluctuations across the Emirate of Dubai to ensure public safety. This aligns with a proactive action plan and a 24-hour programme that aims to strengthen the integrated management of the sewage and rainfall system.

This system is a key part of Dubai's sophisticated infrastructure, making it one of the best global destinations to live and work. Dubai’s surface water and rainfall drainage systems span over 4,000,000 longitudinal metres. They are associated with more than 72,000 rainy water drains and 35,000 inspection rooms, all meeting at 59 lifting and pumping stations that reach water bodies through 38 systemic exits.

In addition to its human resources, the municipal rainfall contingency teams include 15 equipment for line cleaning and unclogging, seven trucks with a crane, 49 tanks for water transportation, 87 carried pumps, 74 portable pumps, 63 transport vehicles of different types, over 60 pickups, pumping and processing mechanisms for water accumulation, sand, and various waste types, as well as 31 vehicles. There are also 20 water pumps spread across Deira and Bur Dubai.

The municipality has prepared all its teams and machines to deal with emergencies during rainfall throughout the emirate. This is part of its integrated, proactive annual rainy season emergency plan, which includes a range of actions under the rapid and immediate mechanism for emergency communications received from people in the emirate, supported by an infrastructure that is one of the most advanced, efficient and sustainable worldwide for drainage of rainwater and surface water.

The municipality noted that community members can report on the accumulation of rainwater and its gatherings using the Dubai 24x7 app, or call 800900. It also advised not to connect rainwater drainage pipes in homes with the sewage system, as they cause a burden on the network.