President of Seychelles witnesses launch of Executive Leadership Program in cooperation with UAE Government

DUBAI, 2nd November, 2023 (WAM) -- Wavel Ramkalawan, President of the Republic of Seychelles, highlighted the importance of Seychelles’ partnership with the UAE in various fields, stressing the significance of the bilateral cooperation in government modernisation, which supports Seychelles’ efforts to develop future government work models.

This came during the launch of the Executive Leadership Program in Seychelles, developed within the framework of the bilateral cooperation in government modernisation between the governments of the UAE and Seychelles

President Wavel Ramkalawan stated that “Launching joint cooperation initiatives and programmes will enable our government to address current and future challenges, nurture competent change leaders, enhance the participation of human calibres, and contribute to promoting the society’s confidence in the government work.”

"Today we witnessed the launch of the Executive Leadership Program in Seychelles in cooperation with the UAE government. This programme, together with other government modernization projects, will support our efforts aiming to prepare dynamic government calibres exhibiting excellent performance. It will further enable them to lead the change needed to meet the current and future needs of government service in our country," he added.

The programme launch in Seychelles came within the framework of the bilateral cooperation in the field of government modernisation between the governments of the two countries. It was attended by Ahmed Saeed Alneyadi, the UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles, and a delegation from the Government Knowledge Exchange Office. From the Republic of Seychelles, Ahmed Afif, Vice President of Seychelles, and a number of ministers, key officials and program members attended the ceremony.

Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, stressed that the UAE government is keen to expand its knowledge exchange efforts and share its successful experiences with governments worldwide, adding that this embodies the leadership’s directives to promote international cooperation aiming to empower governments and enhance their readiness for the future, which positively impacts the lives of people and communities.

“Building a new generation of leaders capable of leading the governments’ march towards the future is an important pillar of development and a main enabler for achieving the future strategic visions of any country worldwide. Governments’ readiness depends mainly on the readiness of their calibers and leaders and their ability to act proactively to challenges by designing innovative solutions,” he added.

The Executive Leadership Program in Seychelles aims to develop leaders’ capabilities and enable them to lead future government work, based on the UAE’s model of government leadership. It further introduces participants to the best specialized skills in building government leaders capable of enhancing performance and promoting government management by developing their skills and introducing the best innovative leadership practices to drive the development in Seychelles. 27 executive leaders in Seychelles will participate in its first cohort of the programme.

The programme covers 5 pillars namely: shaping the future, agile government, designing best policies and strategies, digital transformation, and future leadership. It extends over 5 months, and includes specialised sessions, in-person and online workshops, introductory visits, in addition to interviews with experts and specialists in various fields of leadership to introduce participants to practical leadership experiences, thus promoting Seychelles government’s ability to face challenges and explore new opportunities to achieve its future vision.

The “Shaping the Future” pillar focuses on the main methods and tools for shaping the future, building future scenarios, evaluating them, and studying their impact on various sectors. The “Agile Government” pillar tackles the role of leaders in understanding future trends, the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the tools and techniques for monitoring trends and assessing their effects, and the importance of having a digital mindset to enhance performance and achieve the best results.

The “Designing Best Policies and Strategies” pillar addresses the role of leaders in developing policies and strategies, evaluating policies, monitoring their implementation, and involving the society in decision-making and policy design. The “Digital Transformation” pillar covers the importance of digitization and its role in designing policies, strategies, and government services in addition to its contribution to improving the society’s well-being. The “Future Leadership” pillar introduces participants to the different leadership styles, leading teams, agility, and positively influencing the team.

Participants will develop transformative projects for the Seychelles government, adopting innovative and proactive solutions, focusing on global changes and trends, and employing technology to face future challenges.